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In 1919, at the end of the First World War, the British writer Gerald Brenan settled in Yegen, a small town in La Alpujarra of Granada, with basically just some luggage and hundreds of books carried by mules. The presence of a cultured high class Englishman imposed in the closed rural society of Yegen a contrast of a comic and revealing nature. Several decades later, the writer left his observations of his peculiar cultural immersion in La Alpujarra on the book titled South from Granada: Seven Years in an Andalusian Village, published for the first time in 1957 with great success. This book is considered one of the best pieces of travel literature written in English. For those who prefer cinema, a Spanish comedy adaptation with the same name was filmed in 2003. Brenan's book has left a clear impact on nowadays Alpujarra. Inspired by this work, many visitors from the UK and Northern Europe want to imitate Brenan, and have decided to buy a property in the Alpujarra, where they are reinventing their lives. Today, many members of a growing international community from northern Europe are proud to consider themselves residents of Alpujarra. And what does La Alpujarra have in order to attract so many expatriate residents? The type of international visitor that decides to buy a house in the Alpujarra is the one that is attracted by the possibility of a daily contact with nature in a beautiful rural setting and with a genuine native community that manifests the honesty, joy, happiness and simplicity of the Andalusian lifestyle. It is quite possible that your Andalusian neighbors in La Alpujarra are initially a little more reserved and shy about the new foreign resident than the inhabitants of the coast, but over time you will establish solid friendships with them. All of this, while surrounded by a charming natural landscape in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, where you will breathe pure air. At the same time you will have great options forhiking routes so you will not miss variety in your daily walks by foot or rides on bicycle. If you decide to look for a property for sale in La Alpujarra as many others before have done, you will have over fifty villages to choose from, each one of them with its own peculiar personality. An obvious candidate to start your search in La Alpujarra may be the capital, Órgiva, (6,000 inhabitants, of which 1,500 are expatriates), in the Sierra Nevada National Park. Apart from a wide variety of rural hiking options, if you decide to buy a house in Órgiva, you can admire the churches and palaces which form together a monumental ensemble of the 16th and 17th centuries. Another good option may be to look for a property for sale in Lanjarón, with 1500 inhabitants, a spa town that boasts one of the best mineral waters of Spain.

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