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Here we write about different themes that deal with Spain or Portugal. Sometimes we invite guest bloggers and sometimes we write ourselves.

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Decorating your home for Christmas


Decorating your home for Christmas is a wonderful tradition that brings joy and warmth to your living space. Here’s an extensive guide covering trends, tips, and things to avoid when decorating your home for the festive season: Christmas Decorating Trends …

House in Spain

Icons of Spanish Christmas Delights


Discover the heart of Spanish Christmas traditions through a delightful array of sweets that tantalize taste buds and weave tales of heritage and joy. Spanning centuries of culinary influence and beloved customs, these iconic delicacies stand as testaments to the …

House in Spain

6 cities with enchanting Christmas Lights


As the festive season approaches, Spain transforms into a wonderland adorned with dazzling Christmas lights, enchanting decorations, and joyful celebrations. Each year, several cities across the country vie to create the most captivating and magical displays, turning streets and squares …

House in Spain

Malaga: the World’s Best City for Living and Working


According to a recent study by InterNations involving over 12,000 expatriates from 177 nationalities residing across 181 countries, Malaga has been hailed as the ultimate destination for living and working. Spain secured second and third positions in this ranking with …

House in Spain

Sierra Nevada Welcomes the Ski Season on December 2nd


As December arrives, winter sports enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the opening of the ski season in Sierra Nevada. Located in the heart of the Andalusian mountains in southern Spain, Sierra Nevada promises thrilling adventures on its snow-covered slopes. This year, on …

House in Spain

Exploring the Finest Shopping Centers in Costa del Sol


Nestled along the stunning coastline of southern Spain, Costa del Sol is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and delightful cuisine. Beyond its tourist attractions, this sun-kissed region boasts an array of shopping centers that cater to diverse tastes …

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