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Here we write about different themes that deal with Spain or Portugal. Sometimes we invite guest bloggers and sometimes we write ourselves.

House in Spain

Skiing in Spain


How about skiing in the morning and a dip in the sea in the afternoon? Does that sound like the perfect day to you? Well, if you go skiing in Spain that can be your day! The Sierra Nevada mountain …

House in Spain

Schools in Spain – Moving with family to the sun?


Are you planning to move with your family to Spain but feel that you need a better idea of the different schools you can find there? The youngest in the family need a smooth transition to a school where they …

House in Spain

Move to Spain in midlife


Is it possible to just up sticks and move to Spain with children? Of course, it’s possible. The MiMove-blog met with Lena, who moved to Spain, with a son still at school and a husband who couldn’t move with them …

House in Spain

Closing Costs You Must Consider When Buying A Home In Spain


  There are many things that you have to consider when buying a property in Spain. Like the city you want to live in, the type of property you need, the neighbourhood, schools and hospitals nearby… and the list can …

House in Spain

Golf in Spain – Top Regions and Recommended Areas


  We all know that Spain is famous for its excellent weather, exquisite cuisine, and its great quality of life. That is why more people are moving to Spain to live and enjoy all wonders that it has to offer.  …

House in Spain

Buy a new development property in Spain with MiMove


Find new developments in Spain   Find  property in the right area for you     How and where do you want to live? We have projects with a newly produced home for you Our new development projects include properties for …

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