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A strong wine tradition

The region Maresme is the nothern part of the Barcelona coast, about 300 kilometres north of Barcelona city on the border of Costa Brava. Mataró is the capital and there are approx 120 000 inhabitants. Main language is Catalan, but many do know Spanish as well. If you are thinking about looking for a property for sale in the region of Maresme there are plenty to choose from and decisions to make. Do you prefer city life or would one of the small, authentic mountain villages suit you better? Do you want to be by the sea or in the mountains? And if you would like to make local friends you might want to learn some Catalan besides Spanish. The area has a strong wine tradition, but the wine industry was seriously hurt during the latter part of the 19th century when the wine louse attacked the grapes and the production of wine decreased alarmingly. Later the wine making tradition has been revived after importing louse resistant vines. Mataro-wines are made from a grape thought to have been originally grown in this area. However, the brand Mataro-wine is a dark read, full bodies type of wine nowadays produced in Australia. Tourism and wines apart, the region’s other sources of income are from industries especially from the textile industry. There are many interesting themes for a day out. If you are interested in getting to know the real Spain, why don’t go to the village of Dosrius. Not far from it, there are a donkey farm as well as a dairy farm, welcoming visitors. The dairy farmer organizes guided tours, the children get to meet the calves and if you are lucky perhaps a new calf is being born while you are visiting. On the donkey farm there are also guided tours and you may try riding on a donkey. But perhaps shopping sounds more attractive than a farm visit? If so, a tour to the village of Calella is a must. There you will find a long street with lots of shops to satisfy your need for retail therapy. And if your feet get tired, there are many nice restaurants and bars where you can sit down and have a cool drink while you rest. Along the whole Maresme coast, you will find beautiful, well-kept beaches suitable for all wishes. Away from the beaches, the terrain is hilly and perfect for hiking when you are bored with the beach. Should you go looking for a property for sale in Maresme, do take your time. There is plenty to see and experience before you will find the perfect spot for you. The proximity to Barcelona is a big advantage and the transport links are excellent. But the distance to Barcelona, also give you the opportunity to experience the authentic Spain and Catalunya away from the tourists.

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