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When the sun rises, Gandía’s seafront begins to fill with beach walkers. Each one has his own goal: breathe fresh air, chat with a friend while doing sports, enjoy a running, pedal a new bike... but in the faces of all them you will find the wide smile of those who have a wonderful day ahead. If you buy a house in Gandía, you can combine both leisure and sport. Gandía’s sports center offers gym, soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, basketball or a swimming pool, but if you want water sports, your place is the Real Club Náutico de Gandía. Children can enjoy their sea faring courses at the Light Sailing School and the Rowing School. If you like to play sports on your own, you always have the option of fishing. Let's talk about transportation. Do you know that Gandía is 70 kilometers from Valencia by taking the car through a really charming coastal road? And if you prefer public transportation, you have numerous bus connections to Valencia city, so that in about one hour you can be at the international airport. Gandía is internationally known for its nightlife. On Wednesdays, the Erasmus parties; On Thursdays, students take on the streets; while on Fridays and Saturdays everyone goes out partying. The most common area is the "zona nueva", on the last line of the beach where most of the pubs are located (next to the Nazaret-Oliva highway). If you are an electronic music lover, a good place to experience the Gandian nightlife would be the Falkata Sundown Nightclub, open every day and always with a great atmosphere. Gandía is a city that historically welcomes tourists. In 1899 the first spa was projected, and in 1909 the first villa was built on Gandía’s beach. Later on, in the 1960s, Spain enjoyed the hippie movement, the Beatles and the twist dance. At the same time, the development of sun and beach tourism for the international market arrived in Spain and Gandía took its toll of European visitors who came attracted by the famous slogan "Spain is different". At the moment, although some expat communities have settled in Gandía, the town continues to receive mainly Spanish tourists. If you would like to buy an apartment in Gandía, you will find a wide range of prices for all budgets. This area can bring pleasant surprises for the bargain hunter. Did you know that there is a possibility that if you buy a villa in Gandía it will cost you the same as an apartment in other Spanish cities?

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