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San Pedro del Pinatar and San Javier

Salty little pieces of heaven

Located north of the Mar Menor, the towns San Pedro del Pinatar and San Javier are located on the border between the Costa Cálida and the Costa Blanca. If what you want is a quiet family holiday, the relaxed atmosphere and the shallow waters of the Mar Menor beaches can be the ideal way to spend a holiday or a long-term stay. If you are looking for a property for sale in San Pedro del Pinatar or San Javier, to make your home away from home, you will make your whole family happy. What can’t be found right on your doorstep, you can find not far away. Mar Menor has lovely family friendly beaches, and an abundance of restaurants and club life can be found in nearby Torrevieja and for those who enjoys spa-days there are plenty of opportunities for both mineral and mud baths. Check out the beaches of La Llana or Torre Derribada. They are the closest to San Pedro and San Javier, and from there you will have some fantastic views of the Mediterranean, the Mar Menor and the mountains in the distance. But if you are looking for some more hustle and bustle, you can always go to nearby Torrevieja. There you will find beach parties, beer and mojitos at great prices in the nightclubs and a vibrant community of expats eager to share the latest rumours and internal gossip with you. San Pedro and San Javier are, therefore, perfect starting points when you wish to enjoy the tranquillity of the Mar Menor, yet with an accessible way out should you crave something more. The two towns also have their own treasures that should not be missed. San Pedro, for example, due to the high salinity and mineral concentration of the waters, has become an ideal place for mud baths. In the area of Las Charcas, it is common to see bathers affected by rheumatism or arthritis drying themselves in the sun after a rejuvenating bath of mud extracted from the seabed. Salt and its industry is part of the traditional way of life in this area since the Roman times. To go looking for a property for sale in San Pedro del Pinatar and make it your home is to get very close to the Spanish lifestyle. The mass tourism and skyscrapers are far away. There, the Spanish are living and come for holiday and they live the way they have always lived. Quaint coffee shops, good restaurants and interesting days out will make sure you are never bored. It is well worth to visit the saltwater reserve and don’t miss the small harbour where you easily can spend an afternoon in the sun with a cold beer in front of you. And if you are into water sports, you have come to the perfect place.

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