Malaga: the World’s Best City for Living and Working

MiMove on 2023-11-26

According to a recent study by InterNations involving over 12,000 expatriates from 177 nationalities residing across 181 countries, Malaga has been hailed as the ultimate destination for living and working. Spain secured second and third positions in this ranking with Alicante and Valencia.

Forbes magazine reported findings from the InterNations survey, affirming Malaga’s exponential rise in allure over the past two decades among foreigners living and working in the city.

The assessment, encompassing 49 cities worldwide, relied on expatriates’ subjective views. Key criteria included quality of life, ease of settling in, personal finances, and more. Malaga, nestled on the Costa del Sol, not only clinched the top spot overall but also excelled in friendliness, climate, and work-life balance. However, the local job market drew criticism, placing the city at 41st position.

The city’s charm lies in safety, affordability of public transport, recreational opportunities, and vibrant social scenes. Spain emerges as a preferred destination, with Alicante and Valencia securing second and third places, respectively. Madrid ranked sixth due to its digital prowess, financial strength, and high quality of life. Meanwhile, Barcelona claimed the thirteenth spot.

The United States witnessed a decline in appeal, with New York dropping to thirty-ninth place from its 2022 top position alongside Miami. Factors such as soaring living costs, a relentless pace of life, and challenges in maintaining personal and family balance contributed to this decline.

Conversely, cities like Milan and Rome, followed closely by Vancouver in Canada, found themselves at the bottom of the list across the Mediterranean.

The top 20 cities in the overall ranking include Malaga, Alicante, Valencia, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Madrid, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Muscat, Oman, Dubai, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Zurich, Athens, Stockholm, Luxembourg, and The Hague.