Winter Sun: 4 Sunny Cities in Spain

MiMove on 2022-12-13

Winter in Spain can be pretty magical, with its crisp air and incredible landscapes. From sunny days in the south to snowcapped mountains in the north, Spain has something for everyone. 

From the Christmas markets of Málaga to the colourful Three Kings Parade in Madrid, there are always plenty of opportunities to experience Spanish culture. Whether you’re looking for a winter getaway or a unique Christmas celebration, Spain is the perfect destination for a winter holiday. So pack your bags and get ready to explore this fantastic country!

You can enjoy a variety of activities during the winter months. If you’re looking for sun, the south of Spain can provide mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine. If you’d rather have a white Christmas, head to the north of Spain, where popular ski resorts in the Pyrenees offer great skiing and snowboarding conditions. No matter where you go in Spain, you’ll find plenty of festivals and events to enjoy during the winter. 

Here are some of the best places in Spain for enjoying a sunny winter:  

1. Tenerife

Tenerife is an excellent place to visit during winter. The temperature rarely falls below 15 degrees, and the average temperature during winter is 18 degrees. 

Tenerife has a wide range of sunny destinations to choose from, and there are many beautiful beaches. When you arrive in Tenerife, you will first notice the colourful houses in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Then you can walk through the town’s streets and admire all its lovely architecture. Next, why not take an excursion to Mount Teide? This volcano offers excellent views of Spain’s Canary Islands from above. And lastly, take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. 

2. Marbella

Marbella is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an escape from the cold and snow. The weather in this coastal town is milder than in other parts of the Iberian Peninsula, and it has a great nightlife with plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants. With its beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, Marbella is a popular destination for celebrities such as Elton John and Sharon Stone – who both own homes in Marbella!

Marbella is excellent if you want a home with milder weather and some of the best European beaches. There are plenty of things to do in Marbella, and a lively nightlife scene will keep you entertained. 

3. Málaga

Málaga is the capital of Costa del Sol in southern Spain. It’s a popular tourist destination and known for its mild climate. Malaga has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and mild winters, where the average temperature in winter is around 16 degrees Celsius. If you’re planning to visit this city during winter, make sure to pack some t-shirts and sunblock! 

The mountains surrounding the town offer excellent opportunities for hiking and climbing during winter, as the temperature is perfect for exploring the outdoors. If you prefer cultural activities, you will be happy to hear that Málaga has over 30 museums! That is why the city is becoming known as the “City of Museums.” 

Once you are done exploring the city, head for some of the many restaurants you will find in Málaga and savour traditional winter food like “Sopa de Picadillo” or “Puchero”. 

4. Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a Spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean, located in the Canary Islands archipelago. It is the most southerly of the seven islands of the archipelago. Gran Canaria is located about 100 kilometres west of Africa and 1,556 kilometres from Spain’s mainland. The island has a total area of 1,560 km² and an altitude at its highest point (Pico de las Nieves) of 2,426 metres above sea level.

Gran Canaria is another excellent place to spend the winter months in Spain. This island’s unique climate means it boasts warm weather all year round, with average temperatures between 20-22 degrees Celsius in winter and 24 -26 degrees Celsius in the summertime.

While you are in Gran Canaria, do not forget to visit these places: 

  • Dunes of Maspalomas
  • Las Palmas 
  • Caves of Valeron

Explore the island, and you will understand why so many people from central and north Europe choose Gran Canaria to spend the winter and hide away from the coldest and darkest months of the year. 

Caves of Valeron. One of the most important archaeological sites in Gran Canaria.

These 4 cities above will help you find your next sunny destination during winter and, hopefully, your future home. If you are looking for more information about any of the cities or would like to get more information about how we can help you find your dream house, please email us at