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MiMove on 2021-04-22

Not long ago we passed the first quarter of the year and a lot has happened for MiMove in a short time. In this week’s blog post, we summarize our latest news about newly broken records, collaborations, and a recently introduced feature on our website. We are excited to see what else this year is yet to bring us!

Surfing on the Growing Wave of Interest in Moving to Spain

Recently, in January 2021, MiMove broke a new record in the number of inquiries and expressions of interest sent to our clients (real estate agencies) and reached the highest numbers in the company’s history. The activity has doubled since the previous year, and more and more visitors indicate a rapidly growing interest in finding the dream home in the sun.


With over 300,000 website visitors per month and over 41,000 followers on social media (an increase of over 30% compared to last year), MiMove is the leading estate portal with housing ads in Spain aimed at the international market. Most visitors come from Sweden, followed by the British, Germans, Irish and Dutch, among others.

Least Number of Duplicates Among Spain’s Estate Portals

When looking for a home abroad, it can sometimes be difficult to know how reliable the information on the website is. Something that really affects both the user-friendliness and security is the number of duplicates on the website, ie the same home being displayed several times in different adverts. The duplicates often show completely different information – for example, something as important as the number of square meters and price can vary enormously from ad to ad.

The independent statistics company Casafari confirmed that MiMove is best positioned for secure property purchases in terms of the least number of duplicates on the market. Below image shows us their comparison report:

Number of duplicates on the various property portals for Spanish properties

We want to challenge our competitors in Spain to reduce the number of duplicates and make the process for home buyers more transparent and safer,” says Marcus Surtén, CEO of MiMove.

Drone View Introduced!

Together with the drone company FastOut, MiMove is the first in its market to launch a drone view for housing advertisements. Thanks to a 360 ° bird’s eye view of the surrounding environment, you who are looking for a home in Spain or Portugal can also get a better idea of what the area looks like and what is around the property – such as the nearest grocery store, gas station or beach.

At the moment, the drone function is still in the development phase and is only shown in the most popular coastal resorts, but we aim to soon be able to show drone views for all our advertised homes.


Do Not Forget to Inspect

MiMove recently signed an exclusive agreement with the Swedish property inspection company Enspecta, which is expanding and entering the Spanish real estate market.

MiMove has since the start been focused on trust and openness. We want to increase the reliability of the information and offer guarantees to homeowners in Spain. With Enspecta as a partner, we take this a step further and we can now offer an even higher level of reliability and trust for all property buyers, ”says Marcus Surtén.

Through MiMove’s network, all MiMove members receive a discount when using Enspecta’s services, including buyers and sellers.

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