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MiMove on 2021-03-31

Spain is an incredibly beautiful country with a lot of variety of landscapes. If you travel a bit further up the heights, you can experience fantastic postcard-like viewpoints. In this week’s blog post, we at MiMove take you to seven different amazing places that you shouldn’t miss! We start in the north and end our sightseeing trip in the south.

1. La playa de las Catedrales

We start the journey in northwestern Spain and Galicia near the town Foz. Here we find a unique beach with round-shaped rocks and caves. The name “cathedral beach” and refers to “the beach with the holy water”.

You should make sure to come here when the tide is low as the beach becomes significantly smaller at high tide.

Playa de las Catedrales, Galicia

2. Delica Canyon and Nervión Waterfall

We continue the journey east, about 45 km south of Bilbao, and end up in this very majestic wonder of nature. Around the canyon valleys, there are several different rivers. The Nervión River, known for forming the Bilbao estuary, begins in the province of Burgo. Near the river Nervión, you can see the waterfall called Salto del Nervión which means Nervión’s jump.

Delica Canyon and Nervion Waterfall

This is the highest waterfall in the entire Iberian Peninsula and falls from a height of more than 300 meters /980 feet. The phenomenon attracts thousands of mountain climbers and nature lovers from around the world every year.

If you decide to come here, there is much more in the surrounding to see as well. Not far away is also the natural reserve Gorbiera Natural Park which is reminiscent of a fairytale forest.

3. Montserrat

Not far from the center of Barcelona we find this very unique mountain area and natural park. Montserrat is over 1,200 meters /3,000 feet high and can be seen from a long distance. The name Montserrat literally means ribbed mountain and is also a common Catalan surname and a female name.

Montserrat, Catalonia

Here are paths, stairs, caves, chapels, and hermitages scattered over the mountain, extraordinary landscapes, and wonderful views. Here is also a chapel that is over 1,000 years old that may be worth a visit for those interested in religion and history.

There are different ways to get here from Barcelona, the most common way is to take the Ferrocarril from Plaza España.

4. Faro de Cap de Formentor

Now we head east and to Mallorca which is known for being beautiful wherever you may be on the island. Here you find plenty of rocky hills, beaches, and pine-like vegetation, among other things. You can, for example, walk around Cap de Formentor and have Faro de Cap de Formentor as your end or starting point. Faro means lighthouse in Spanish (and also in Portuguese), and quite suited to the name, there is also a lighthouse here from which you have a wonderful view.

Faro de Cap de Formenta, Mallorca

5. Alhambra and Granada

If you want to combine your sightseeing trip with history, the Alhambra castle in Granada is an excellent alternative as this magnificent castle area is surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature. There is a lot to see and experience here.

Alhambra, Granada

The Alhambra Castle, which was built in 800 AD, is located on a strategic point overlooking the entire city and the meadow (La Vega). The complex is surrounded by ramparts and has an irregular shape. It is bounded by the valley of the river Darro on its north side.

6. Miradores en el Torcal

South of the city of Málaga in Antequera, we again find some unusually round mountains and peaks that are somewhat reminiscent of the previously mentioned mountains of Montserrat. However, we are now far south in the country and here you can experience nature a little closer.

Miradores en el Torcal, Málaga

It is less populated here than at Montserrat and there are many different paths and viewpoints to explore. The combination of water, ice, wind, dissolution, and erosion of limestone has shaped this fantastic pattern and landscape.

7. Mijas Pueblo

This picturesque village in typical Andalusian spirit, with its chalk-white house walls covered in all the colors of geranium, also offers some very nice viewpoints, park areas, and cozy walking paths. You can easily get here by bus from the surrounding popular coastal towns.

Mijas Pueblo, Costa del Sol

If you come here on a Wednesday or Saturday during the summer season, you can also watch a flamenco show at the Plaza de la Virgen de la Peña.

We hope that these great places have inspired you to visit some of Spain’s gems.

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