Prepare Your Home for Sale – Tips and Advice from MiMove

MiMove on 2021-01-28

It’s time to put your home up for sale and you want to make a good impression of your home and profit as much as possible. To get potential buyers’ interest and a competitive bidding, there are some simple tricks that we thought we would share to make your sale smoother and better. Our tips apply primarily to advertising your home online.

Remove Personal Belongings and Clutter

What you think looks great is not always attractive to others. Even if you personally don’t care much if certain things are laying around, it can be distracting and attract unnecessary attention from those who are looking for a new home. We recommend that you not only clean more than usual and polish the surfaces a little extra, but also that you remove everything that is not relevant to the selling images. Remember that the whole lies in the details.

Photo by MiMove

Put away things like shoes and outerwear, cords, small kitchen appliances such as mixers and toasters, trash cans, detergent, sponges and other cleaning supplies. Hide any envelopes and other documents that may be laying around. Remove fridge magnets and other things like personal photos and post-it notes.

Create more space between furniture and decor to make the room immediately look bigger and brighter with fewer objects in it. It should look homely while  allowing the potential buyer to imagine their own furniture and style in the home.

Example of what a selling picture should not look like – too dark, too many objects laying around and the furniture are a awkwardly placed.
Example of a more welcoming living room – bright and better placed furniture. Few decorative objects makes it look tasteful. The plant brings life to the room!

Plants and Splashes of Color Bring Life to the Photos

Color and light are very important. We recommend you using overall neutral colors that are friendly to the eye. A color splash here and there may be okay but be careful with strong colors and too many different colors as it can be distracting. For example, use flowers or pillows for color details. Something that may be interesting to know is that our ads and listings that include pictures of plants and flowers are among the most popular among our visitors. Plants make the home look more alive.

Invest in new towels, rugs, curtains and other textiles if the ones you have now have been around for a while. It immediately looks much better and fresh. Arrange the shelves and leave air between the decorative items and any books.

Example of a good image of a kitchen – clean, bright despite the dark cabinets and no kitchen appliances laying around consuming space. Photo: MiMove

Hire Professionals!

Make sure that the photos of your property are taken in daylight, preferably when it is sunny, and preferably by a professional photographer so that the resolution and quality are guaranteed to be great.

Hire professionals to maximise your sale!

To facilitate the buying- and selling process on an international market where you can’t always be physically present for a visit, it’s just as important as fantastic to be able to visit the home virtually.

As a leading property portal, we want our visitors to be able to have an experience as realistic as possible of our listed homes. Therefore, we offer our customers, in addition to photographing the home, also a 3D-tour, video tours and a floor plan of the home. All this to attract as relevant customers as possible as it saves time and money for both the seller and the buyer.

See examples of a 3D-tour here and a video of a housing tour here!

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