Spearhead Changes on the Spanish Property Market Brought by MiMove and Enspecta 

MiMove on 2021-01-14

In this week’s article we will talk about the new changes that very soon will be brought to the Spanish property market by MiMove and their new collaborators – Enspecta.

Recently, MiMove signed an exclusive deal with the property inspection company Enspecta to enter the Spanish property market.

MiMove, which is the biggest property portal for the Nordics in Spain, have signed an exclusive collaboration deal with Enspecta, which is one of Sweden’s primery property inspection companies. Enspecta is looking to expand outside of Sweden and the Spanish market is their first stop to improve standards and the value for all property buyers.

Asturias, Spain

Security, Commitment and Trusted Resources

Enspecta stands for security and knowledge, which is a large part of the Enspecta method. The customer not only gets an inspection but also an education about the property that they are buying or selling, and advice on how to take care of it in the future. This is a well-established method that has been developed over a long period of time with a lot of commitment and resources,” says Jonas Persson, CEO at Enspecta. 

The Swedish owned property portal MiMove will market Enspecta’s services already in January of 2021, and the company’s CEO, Marcus Surtén, sees a benefit for the entire market.

“MiMove has since the inception been focused on trust and transparency. We want to increase the reliability of information and offer guarantees to home owners in Spain. With Enspecta as our partner we take this one step further and we can now offer another level of trustworthiness and confidence to all property buyers,” Marcus Surtén states.

Establishing in Spain

Enspecta has already established themselves in the area and both of the companies see a big future for this collaboration even if there might be some challenges initially.

Since we have a similar vision and position as MiMove, we see it as a natural step ahead to collaborate and implement our inspection model on the Spanish and international market. Our goal is to provide with high quality customer experience and security – which must be there regardless of where you decide to buy your new home,Jonas Person says.

MiMove will start rolling out this functionality on their page during January while advertising this new paradigm for home buyers. Through MiMove’s network, all MiMove’s members will have a discount when using Enspecta’s services, including both buyers and sellers.

Buy Property with Confidence and Avoid Unwanted Surprises

“If you are going to buy property in another country, where the culture and language is different from what you are used to, a proper property inspection should be part of it! Especially if you’re planning on spending a big part of your life-savings! When a potential buyer has found their new home in the sun they can also have their property professionally inspected as part of the process,” Marcus Surtén, CEO at MiMove concludes.

Mijas Costa, Spain

It will however be the responsibility of the buyer or seller to request the inspection services by Enspecta through MiMove – it will not be included by default. Keep in mind that property inspections are not mandatory by Spanish law. Although, it is highly recommended to inspect the property for your own peace of mind.

Look out for special deals for inspections at MiMove.com. If you are a MiMove-member you will be notified through upcoming newsletters.

In the near future, all the properties that are pre-inspected will have a stamp in the listing on MiMove.com, making it even more comfortable and easy for home buyers to pick a safe property.

For More Information Contact:

Jonas Persson CEO Enspecta
Phone: +46 (0)709 – 347 810
email: jonas@enspecta.se

Marcus Surtén, CEO MiMove
Phone: +34 951 765 437
email: marcus.surten@mimove.com

Marcus Surtén, CEO at MiMove

Briefly About the Enspecta & MiMove

Enspecta is an inspection company that works with energy, moisture and building technical issues. The company was founded in 2009 and their customers are both private and commercial. All their consultants are trained and ambitious engineers in the field. They get to the bottom of every issue and find answers to all the questions that their clients might have. In order to offer complete inspection packages, they work with insurance intermediaries. Enspecta offers inspection packages in Spain so that you as a buyer and seller can feel completely safe and confident with your home purchase.

MiMove was founded in 2016 and is a property portal with thousands of listings in Spain and Portugal. They are directing themselves to the international market – mainly the Nordics, the U.K. and Germany. What makes MiMove different from other property portals is the transparency and the various guarantees that they offer. In every listing you can also see a total estimation of the price, including taxes and fees, which you don’t normally see on other property portals. Read more about MiMove’s guarantees here. MiMove has over 300K visitors every month and around 35K followers on social media.

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