Residential Communities – A Resort Life Style in Spain

MiMove on 2020-11-13

In primarily south of Spain it is very common to see gated residential communities that offer a bit of a resort lifestyle. Often they have various pools, gym and gardens. Usually the areas are security surveilled and some even have a reception with 24/7 attention. It’s popular among residents as well as for tourists to live or stay in a gated community.

Gated Community in Benalmádena

The Origin of Gated Communities

The idea of gated communities came to Spain from the USA in the early 1980’s. The very first gated communities in the USA were initially built for senior citizens to provide them with more security and comfort.

The first gated community built in Marbella was developed by a property developer named John Green. He developed El Ancon located on Marbella’s Golden Mile.

Back then the gated communities became the new luxury. With its full services including central gas, heated pools, clubhouses, restaurants, 24 hour security surveillance to name a few comforts of this new kind of living. It is easily compared to a resort and leisure life style – much thanks to the great weather almost all year around.

Gym in gated community – Estepona

From California to Spain

In 1960’s California the trend of gated communities had already started booming. They were built to keep the tenants safe, but more importantly for the North Americans was that it showed a certain level of success. The importance of showing prosperity, luxury and high-end living became popular in the upper middle class society. Communities and small towns were soon built around the gated communities with their own schools, parks and public buildings meant exclusively for the people living in the area.

Some gated communities were also specifically dedicated to specific groups of people. For example sports lovers would have tennis- or golf courts built around the communities. Healthy food enthusiasts would grow large private vegetable and fruit plantations.

From California to Spain

Security, Comfort & Community

You find plenty of gated communities in South America as well, but for completely different reasons. In South America they have been created to keep  crime and violence out.

In Spain the crime rate is a lot lower and Spain is a very safe country to live in. But of course safety with gate code and the fence around the community gives parents a peace of mind when letting out their kids out to play.

It’s also easier to get to know your neighbors and plan events and parties for the neighborhood. It makes it convenient to socialise and support each other when you live in this kind of setting.

Gated Community in Mijas

Better Value

Within the gated communities you get access to many things that would otherwise cost you a lot more if you were to own private property. Homes within gated communities also tend to have better resale value, making them quite attractive on the market.


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