Updates and Concept Change at MiMove

MiMove on 2020-09-16

Sometimes you need to renew yourself. Therefore, we at MiMove are updating our concept and making a few changes to improve the user experience for our visitors.

Based on responses to surveys from our members and subscribers, and the need for the market in mind, we have been working hard to update our website and change our basic concept.

Updated and Reliable

MiMove is a property portal where our affiliated property agencies advertise their homes. We check that the information provided in the housing advertisements, such as price and specifications, is updated and correct.

We are also getting rid of all duplicates. If you look at other property portals in Spain or Portugal, you can often find the same home several times – sometimes a dozen posts for the same home. These posts often have different prices, information, square meters etc – which makes finding the right information both annoying and time consuming.

Guarantees Accuracy

We at MiMove are different and we want to clear the Iberian market on this pattern, so we make sure that there are no duplicates. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the same home appearing several times with different prices and information.

The above is something that we guarantee from our side. MiMove guarantees that the price is updated and that there are no duplicates. Because of the fact that we place high demands on the agencies that advertise with us, we allow only highly professional estate firms with local knowledge to advertise with us. 

We are also in the process of updating and redesigning our website. This is in order to make the website faster and more user-friendly. Together with the fact that we clean away all the already sold homes and focus on quality over quantity, makes MiMove‘s website the safest property portal for Spain and Portugal and the best place to find your dream home in the sun.

Largest in the Nordics

Moreover, MiMove has become the largest marketplace for the Nordics when searching for homes abroad. With almost 33,000 followers on Facebook, we are the largest portal focusing on the international market. We have over 300,000 visitors on our website every month. We have already helped many finding their new home. Are you next perhaps?

Further Help and Info

Although, with the above in mind, it doesn’t mean that we are perfect. If by any chance you see an error somewhere on our portal, if you feel that we lack certain information or want to see more or less of something – don’t hesitate to contact us at info@mimove.com and give us your feedback.

Today, we are already the safest and highest quality portal for housing in Spain and Portugal. We always want to improve though, so feel free to let us know what we can do even better!

Additionally, remember you can also contact our partners for more information about safety and security:

C&D Solicitors – A reputable law firm that can help you with contracts and/or other legal issues you may have.


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