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MiMove on 2020-08-13

Have you thought of hiring a catering service to your next party? In this week’s blog post we will be talking about food and catering – because we are big fans of home- and garden parties!

The beautiful weather in Spain allows for many garden- and backyard parties almost all around the year. You don’t usually need a “plan B” for a place to have the party in case it starts raining – which often is the case in the northern countries. That means more outdoors parties to the people in Spain and the catering businesses here stay busy almost all year around. 

We are meeting Daniela Rosu, the founder and owner of Dani’s Catering who recently started her own catering business in Marbella, Spain. 

We called Daniela Rosu for an interview and we are very pleased to share her story with you.

catering event
Dani’s Catering Event Pica-Pica

Passionate About Food & Cooking

Daniela Rosu’s passion for food and cooking started at an early age. She got her first job in the food business as a commis chef at the age of 18. She worked efficiently and hard for some time and became the kitchen manager shortly after starting to work at an Italian restaurant in Germany.

Her love for the Italian cuisine continued to grow and she later had the privilege to work in front of the house manager for Italian restaurants in Milano and Palermo, Italy.

“The experience in the Italian kitchen and at the house floor front was great. The Italians cook with passion, or as they say – ​passione.​ Everything is about the pizza and pasta.

They taught me the freedom of movement and imagination in the kitchen – improvising and using the ingredients you have on hand and bringing them to life”, Daniela Rosu says, ending her sentence with a soft laugh. 

After a few years in the Italian restaurants, her journey continued to the U.K. Here she worked up the ladder and became the General Manager for different prestige venues across London.

To mention a few; London Transport Museum, Paddington Champagne Bar, Royal Opera House and the Royal Air Force Museum. She also worked for established companies such as Searcys, Centerplate, Sodexo and Youngs.

Daniela Rosu organized and managed many corporate events, dinner parties, weddings, galas and royal events. The biggest party that she organized was for a thousand people at the ​Royal Air Force Museum​ in London.

finger food
Finger food – Dani’s Catering

From London to Marbella

After 13 years in London, it was time to radically change her life again and move to beautiful Marbella. She came to Spain in late 2019 and just got to settle in before the lock down happened. Spending a lot of time at home, she had the opportunity to recharge the batteries and figure out her next move.

She decided to use all the experience and knowledge from the past kitchens and events to create her own catering business. Despite of, or perhaps thanks to, the effects of the pandemic and the lock down, Dani’s Catering started to blossom quite rapidly and is getting busier for every week that passes. 

“The situation in Spain is still quite strict due to the pandemic and there are not many parties going on in restaurants, clubs and bars compared to before. Normally, you can only get in if you have reserved a table beforehand and sometimes they even limit the time you can spend there to only a couple of hours. Often times they close a lot earlier than usual as well.

The dinner- and party scene isn’t as relaxed anymore. I think that could be a reason to why more and more people prefer throwing private parties at home and in their gardens for example. And that’s where Dani’s Catering services come into the picture!”, she says, excited about the future of her business.

Delicious Desert by Dani’s Catering

Bringing Fresh and Healthy Ingredients to Private Parties

“At the moment, most of my clients make garden parties for different occasions like anniversaries, baby showers and housewarmings. I look forward to expanding and organizing bigger parties like weddings and corporate events. 

We cater to all kinds of parties and tailor the food and presentation to the type of event, and of course, we make sure that the client gets exactly what they ask for. We take orders for a minimum of 10 people.

There is no max to how many people we can cater to, although, we need some extra time to plan ahead for larger events as it requires more involvement from people and suppliers”, Daniela Rosu concludes.

profile picture Daniela Rosu
Daniela Rosu – Founder and Owner of Dani’s Catering

Dani’s Catering was founded on the idea of bringing the family’s best recipes to the forefront of the local Marbella real food movement. They are specializing in using farm fresh ingredients and some of their spices are homegrown. It’s important that the meals are wholesome and come from local suppliers.

Dani’s Catering use old fashioned techniques to create home cooked meals that are delicious, healthy and satisfying. “It’s all about the presentation because first we eat with our eyes and then with our taste buds”, Daniela Rosu says. 

pinchos pica pica
Variety of Pinchos – Dani’s Catering

Affordable Catering with a Touch of Luxury

“In Spain, especially, it’s popular with finger food or pica-pica as they call it, so we have a lot of options for that as well as for bigger dishes. The idea is to offer good and healthy quality food. Creating an attractive presentation with a luxurious touch to an affordable price is our brand. 

We also make food that is adapted to anyone with allergies or diet preferences. At the moment we’re serving the area from Málaga to Estepona on Costa del Sol.

cheese platter
Cheese Platter by Dani’s Catering

The last question we have for Daniela Rosu is: “What is your favorite food?”

“It kind of depends on the season, mood and situation. Although, I’m in love with pasta, roast dinners and sushi, yum yum!”, she ends the interview with.

Hungry yet? Maybe you’d love to throw a party in your backyard soon?

Find Dani’s Catering and contact info on Instagram , Facebook and their website.


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