MiMove Surveyed the Visitors and Found Out This!

MiMove on 2020-07-30

In July 2020, MiMove sent out two survey’s to our visitors. Partly to all of you who during 2018-2019 had submitted an inquiry form through our advertisements on our website. Partly to those of you subscribing to our newsletter. We wanted to hear how things had gone with the search for housing since then and we found out some interesting things that we would like to share here on the blog.

We received a total of 85 responses from mostly the UK, representing the English speaking participants.

So, what happened after they submitted their inquiry? Just over 13% answered that they had decided on a home other than the one they had sent an inquiry for and 80% said that they are still looking for their dream home in Spain or Portugal.

A bit over 27% of the participants already own a home here but seem to be looking for an upgrade or a second purchase. 13.3% answered that they solely use MiMove.com when searching for housing, which we of course are happy about!

Curious about the final price

When we asked our survey participants what they missed the most on our website, almost 18% answered that they would like to see the final sales price of a property once it has been sold. 15.4% wanted to see more videos of drone views over the properties and surroundings. The same percentage also wanted to see rental properties and more listings in general.

Drone view

The British are open to buying on a distance

Another big difference between the Swedes and the British/English speaking is that the English speaking are much more open to purchasing property even if they haven’t physically visited and seen the place beforehand. 40% of the British are positive to remote buying compared to only 11.8% of the Swedes.

Sunset walks

No duplicates and correct pricing, please!

We also asked what our visitors think is important on a property portal. On a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is the most important), 50% answered with a 10, that it is important that there are no duplicated ads. At MiMove.com, we assure you that there are only unique ads and no duplicates. However, duplicates are unfortunately quite common on other portals in Spain and Portugal.

78% answered with a 10 on the question of how important it is that the price is verified and correct. Almost 63% were positive to that MiMove also should include rentals on the website, which is definitely worth considering.

As we can see in the results above, it is perhaps natural that the price is the most important since it is decisive for whether you are able to buy the home in question or not. The location and surroundings are also important to our participants.

Beach walk

To get even closer to what is mostly important among the aspects that MiMove verifies, we asked the next question. Again, we see that the price is very important and the fact that the estate agent can be trusted. It is also important among the participants that the size and living space are correctly presented.

A golfer’s view

An enjoyable every-day life

In the answers below, we see that it is mostly important that MiMove notifies when the property price changes. The responders are also interested in area guides and staying in the know about what is going on in the neighbourhood.

Is the residential area quiet or lively? Close to the beach, shop, pharmacy and the favourite restaurant? Are there any good trails for power walks? Golf courses? Dog parks? Is there a bus or train stop nearby? The questions are many and very personal.

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