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MiMove on 2020-07-29

Do you know of anyone who is looking to buy property in Spain or Portugal? If YES you have the chance to make €500 per referral! You can recommend MiMove to as many friends as you wish – the sky’s the limit! You can potentially make thousands of Euros while doing your friends a favour!

All they have to do is buy their new property through MiMove.com for both of you to receive €500 each

refer friend
Your friend is waiting to be referred…

We Never Had An Offer Quite Like This!

MiMove’s objective is to provide a safe and trustworthy marketplace where you know what to expect throughout the process of searching and purchasing your next property. We want you and your friends not only to feel secure and have a reliable experience when buying property, but also recognize that you’re making a great deal!

Therefore, we have introduced our new referral program to everyone’s benefit. If you help us invite people to purchase their next home through MiMove – we also believe that you should be rewarded and get something in return. That’s why we created the Referral Program.

Have you heard about MiMove’s referral program?

What are the Steps?

  1. You e-mail us your friend’s name, last name and email address to referafriend@mimove.com.
  2. Your friend buys the property by contacting the listed agent through the property advert on MiMove.com. (Contact the agent by filling out the green form to the right of the ad.)
  3. Then your friend needs to contact us at referafriend@mimove.com with a proof of purchase of their new property that they have bought through MiMove.com.
  4. When your friend has completed the steps we will contact you and your friend to arrange the €500 (each) transfer to your and your friend’s bank account respectively. 
€500 into account
You just got €500 into your account!

Benefits of Having a MiMove Member’s Account

  • You can save your listings of interest and go back to them at any given time.
  • Receive alerts on the latest listings based on your interest.
  • You get the latest news from MiMove.
property contract
Signing property contract


Q: May I refer more than one friend?
A: You can refer to as many friends as you wish during the referral campaign.

Q: Can anyone from anywhere participate in the referral program?
A: Yes.

Q: How come MiMove gives out such generous amounts for a referral?
A: It is thanks to our collaborations and because our visitors are very important to us that we are able to have this campaign running.

Q: What if two people refer to the same person?
A: The first person who refers will earn the money. We suggest that you know the people that you refer our program to. 

Q: Can I deduct the referral earnings from the property price?
A: You can not directly deduct the money from the property price through us. MiMove and the given estate agency work separately on this matter. The money that we hand out to your benefit through this program will go straight to your bank account.

Q: The property that I want to buy doesn’t exist on your website, can I still earn €500?
A: In this case please contact us at referafriend@mimove.com with the link of your wanted listing and/or call us at +34 691 663 954 and we will look into the matter.

Q: What if I or my friend buys more than one property, do we get €500 per purchased property?
A: Your friend gets €500 for maximum one (1) purchased property.

Q: How long will it take to receive the money after I’ve completed the requirements? 
A: As soon as possible. You will have the money in your account within maximum 30 natural calendar days after we have received all the details that we need from you.

Q: How do I buy property through MiMove.com?
A: You go to your listing of interest and fill out the contact form which you usually find on the right hand side of the listing. That way the estate agency will know that your inquiry comes through MiMove.

refer a friend
Refer a friend who is buying property in Spain or Portugal

Terms & Conditions

In order to release the minimum €500 to your benefit, we will need your friend to have signed up as a member and provide us with a property purchase statement done through MiMove and a confirmation from the selected estate agent. MiMove reserves the right to obtain personal information to make sure that the membership sign-up (free of charge) and the property purchase have been completed.

You will receive the €500 to your bank account once the requirements have been met. The property purchase must occur within four (4) months after you have sent us the referral contact information. Offer is valid from July 29th 2020 until further notice. Mimove.com reserves the right to terminate the offer or modify the terms and conditions of the offer at any time. For more information or questions please contact us at: referafriend@mimove.com 

Privacy Policy

We solely use the data you provide us with for the purpose of the “Bring your friend”-program and we will not share it with third parties or resell your information for marketing purposes. We will confirm your identity with the real estate agency from which you purchased the estate in order to release your benefit of the amount of (minimum) 500 Euros (€) once the deal has been closed and your consent has been granted.

€500 for referral
Get €500 for every referred friend!

If there is anything else that you’d like to know please contact us at: referafriend@mimove.com

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and your friends!

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