Lilli Wins the “Finding the Fake Ad” Competition

MiMove on 2020-07-22

Earlier in July, MiMove held a competition to find the only fake ad on our website. Once you had found the fake ad, you would also have to count the number of eggs that were to be found among the pictures. We received a lot of competition entries and all of them had found the right (fake) ad. However, only a few managed to add up the correct number of eggs (58). On July 20th, we announced our lucky winner! Lilli, from Gothenburg, Sweden, took home the prize of €100! We thought Lilli’s motivation to why she wanted to stay in the house and win the money was the best among the candidates. Her positive and elaborate motivation made her the winner!

image fake ad
Rooftop Terrace – Image from the Fake Ad

This was Lilli’s motivation:

“This is my dream house. Simple on the outside but so stunningly beautiful on the inside. It is well camouflaged, no one can see that there actually are 12 rooms in this simple house. The view is absolutely wonderful. Here I, my family and our closest neighbor, the squirrel, would spend many wonderful evenings by the water. The best thing about the house is the dark room, where you can sometimes hide for a while. It may be needed once in a while, or quite often, since I am living with two guys in the house. I can also see myself sitting in the library during late nights with a good book in my hands while I am listening to the sound of the sea in the background. If I win this competition, the €100 will go to the savings for our new home in Spain.”

Planning on Moving to Spain Within a Couple of Years

When we called Lilli to tell her that she had won the competition and €100 she first sounded a little shocked but then a happy tone came forward and she thanked us very much.

Lilli told us, among other things, that she had previously lived in Greece for 6 years, which she thought was fantastic, but that Spain attracts more nowadays. Lilli plans to move to Spain with her family within 1-2 years before her son starts primary school.

“We hope that we will find our dream home in Spain through MiMove”, Lilli says.

“We are also interested in possibly buying a piece of land and building a house ourselves. MiMove has some ads on plots of land, which we think is great. That you can search for objects based on Lifestyle is also a nice feature, I will probably spend many hours using it”, she then adds.

Beach Fuengirola
Lilli with her son at the beach in Fuengirola

More about Spain and MiMove

We took the opportunity to ask Lilli a few more questions:

What is your favorite place in Spain and why?

“I have been to Sitges, Mijas Pueblo, Fuengirola and Benalmádena so far but I do not think I have found my favorite place yet. Mijas Pueblo is definitely the favorite among these four though.”

How does the ideal place to live look like for you and your family?

“The dream place should be in a village by the sea, not too far away from a city though. It should be calm and surrounded by lots of wild nature. Preferably with both mountain and sea views and of course kids-friendly.”

Mijas Pueblo Andalusia
View from Mijas Pueblo, Andalusia

For how long have you been familiar with MiMove and what do you think of our concept and platform?

“I’ve known MiMove for about a year. I subscribe to the newsletter and love to dream myself away every Friday when you send out the weekly email with the new nice house- and apartment listings. I like that you have different articles, in the newsletter and in the blog, about the culture of Spain and Portugal and about different villages and cities. It is easy to navigate your website and most ads have a good description of the objects and great photos so that you easily can get an idea of ​​what the house or apartment looks like.”

Lilli Recommends MiMove

Would you recommend MiMove to others who are looking for and longing for a home in Spain or Portugal, and if so, why?

“I would definitely recommend MiMove to others that are looking to buy property in Spain or Portugal. As I mentioned, your website is easy to navigate and the ads look great. For me, it’s many times about the gut feeling as well. When I signed up as a subscriber to your newsletter, it was the gut feeling that I followed because MiMove gives a professional impression and the feeling that you can be trusted.”

garage fake ad
The Garage – Image from the Fake Ad

We at MiMove thank Lilli for that! We wish her and her family good luck with the relocation plans and their new life in Spain!

Some of the above pictures are from the fake ad.

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