Finally You Bought Property in Spain – It’s Time to Make it a Dream Home!

MiMove on 2020-07-14

You have finally bought your new home in Spain! Now you must also make sure that the home reflects your style and is adapted to your needs. To create your dream home, you now need to buy furniture, decoration and other things to get a homely atmosphere and make it comfortable. The practical functionalities are also important. In this article you will get some tips on where to find the most things that you need for the home.

home personal oasis
Home – Your Personal Oasis

Furniture and Decoration

IKEA and Jysk are of course very popular furniture stores even outside of Scandinavia. Spain is no exception as they are found in many different locations around the country.

Less known among expats is the French furniture chain Conforama, which offers a great variety in furniture, decor and home electronics. The Conforama stores are sizewise somewhere between IKEA and Jysk. Therefore, it can be a good alternative to the Nordic furniture giants. Here you will also find more of a classic furniture style and good quality beds and mattresses.

At El Corte Inglé‘s department store, you can find unique and upscale furniture designs from various brands like BoConcept, Cattelan Italia and Natuzzi Italia. Here you will find furniture in the higher price range for those with a taste for the more luxurious style.

home decoration
Home Decor

Home Electronics

There are many local electronics stores in the cities that usually have good prices. These are preferable if you happen to live nearby or are unable to get to the larger stores that are usually located just outside the city center.

Otherwise, Worten, Fnac and Mediamarkt are popular electronics stores located all over the peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and offer most of what you need in home electronics. Worten has a good selection among different brands and they also have their own low budget brand called Kunft. Fnac’s range extends beyond electronics – here you can also find books, music and more.


If you are the type of person who likes to put together your own furniture, work in the garden or do other handy things in the house, Leroy Merlin could become your new shopping paradise as they have all the tools and materials that you need for home carpentry and fixes. 

At FerrOkey you will find similar products with a large selection of home electronics, garden appliances, tools and general gadgets for the home. 

In Spain you can enjoy your garden or patio most days of year. It may be worth investing time and money in your private outdoor environment. In previous weeks’ blog post about Spanish garden plants, we shared tips and advice on how to create your own green oasis. 

crafty carpenters
Crafty DIY

Solar Panels

You might have the opportunity to use the sun’s energy from your roof top and thus get environmentally friendly and economical electricity in your home. In this case, it may be a good idea to invest in solar panels. Svea Solar is a Swedish solar panel company located in Spain.

On their website, you can easily calculate electricity costs and savings for your property. EDP ​​Solar is another solar panel company that offers an app helping you control the panels. EDP ​​Solar has other services as well, such as simple installations for electric car charging stations.

A third company that we recommend is a Norwegian company, Otovo, whose solar cell business has been growing quickly since 2016. They offer subscriptions for solar cells at a reasonable monthly price as an alternative to direct purchase.

Behind Otovo is support from Scandinavia’s leading investors, including Swedish Axel Johnson, the pension company KLP and the state climate investment fund Nysnø. Otovo is located in Oslo, Stockholm, Paris and Madrid. They have completed thousands of solar cell projects across Europe and are available in Spain.

solar panels house roof
Solar Panels on Roof

Air Conditioning

Especially if you are staying in the southern parts of Spain, you will quickly notice that air conditioning is a must. Among many places, AC is available for purchase in the above-mentioned stores under Home Electronics. However, Airefrio is a good alternative as they specialize in air conditioning. On their website, you can quickly and easily simulate price proposals.

You’ll get a quote depending on your housing type, living area, desired functions and more. Airefrio has a great variety of different models and collaborates with well-known brands such as LG, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic. They also offer free delivery throughout Spain (for delivery to the Spanish islands you must consult with the company).

Hope your new home in the sun will be as you had imagined it, or even better!

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