Buy a house and grow your own in South of Spain

MiMove on 2020-07-03

Are you thinking of buying a house in Spain and have a garden and a place to grow your own crops and vegetables? Environment is on everyone’s mind nowadays and growing your own plants, fruits etc. is a great way to feel closer to nature. The soil in South of Spain is kind of dry, but has tremendous possibilities. In this articles we want to give you some inspiration on what you can grow once you moved to your place in the sun.

Garden in Spain
Lovely Pelargonium


Typical flowers grown in Spain

If you have ever been to Andalusia you most certain noticed that there is a lot of flowers in all different colours. Very often you can see wallflowers climbing up walls and buildings. Many of these flowers flower all year around due to the climate.

Garden Carnation (Clavel in Spanish) are the most popular garden flowers. They are related to the Spanish flamenco and symbolise different things depending on their colour.

And it is almost impossible to imagine a Spanish garden without Pelargonium (Geranio). Their beauty and tenacity make them very attractive garden flowers. It is also very popular to decorate the side of the building with pelargonium in colourful pots. 

buganvilla Espana
Buganvilla flowers along a Spanish walk


Easy to manage trees

The magical Japanese cherry tree (Cerezo de flor) is a lovely colourful tree with amazing smells that flowers all year. It usually grow to around 4-5 meeters. Cherry trees love warmth and sun, but have also no problem cooping with cold or city environment.

Arbutus (Madroño) is another favourite which often blossom. It is a very useful and strong tree. Beside being able to make yam and lemonade from the berries many claim the tree has healing properties. These trees are also great if you want to re-forrest an area since their roots are very strong and go very deep. 

Lovely blossom tree in Spain
Árbol de Júpiter


Fruits, vegetables and crop

The Spanish climate allow farming for a vide verity of crops. Already in January you can grow melon, paprika. In February Zucchini, pumpkin, beans, and cucumber. Tomatoes, lemon and apples can grow all year, although it can get too cold certain years.

Spanish grown at your house
From your own garden?

Are you convinced that you want to create your own ecological garden? If this is your dream, why wait? You could be sitting next to a lovely tree smelling your own flowers in Spain already tomorrow. 

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