Benefits of Working from home or remote while sitting by a pool in Spain

MiMove on 2020-06-25

As it turned out during the lockdown period, many people had to work from home. During this time, many companies realised that keeping their employees working remotely is beneficial. It is predicted that working from home will become more and more common. Also, we will see hybrid schedules of partially telecommuting and working remotely becoming more popular. People are able to benefit from being able to for example work by the pool in Spain and spend the next day the office.

With restrictions loosening up, we are also becoming more flexible to move around and work in which place we wish. This means more and more coworking spaces are opening up world-wide and people are increasingly starting to move around different places. 

Coworking Spain
Source: Statista – World Coworking Spaces



The Flexible Possibilities of Working Remotely

Depending on your working schedule, you might have to be more or less within the set time zone. Although, you don’t have to necessarily be in the same country. The location flexibility means that remote workers can for example spend more time in the place of their loved ones, their vacation spot or they can travel for longer periods to different destinations. Whatever your preference or reason is, bottom line is that the digital development and progression allow us to choose our own working environment from a catalogue of infinite possibilities. 

This also means that you might be intrigued to buy property in your very own favourite place. Perhaps somewhere cheaper or sunnier than in your own country. Maybe it could be a place that would serve not only as your own home office, but also to invite your friends and family to stay.

Work from home Spain
Family friendly remote work


Working for Yourself

There might also be a chance freelancing or setting up your own business becomes an option. If you live within the EU, it might be a good idea to consider your alternatives as to in which country you should register for taxes. Some countries might offer lower taxes and expenses. You might also make sure that you can communicate well in English or the language spoken in the given country. This will make the process smoother and misunderstandings can be avoided. You can also apply for funding of your company from the EU (anyone from an EU country, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein can apply) to get you started. 

In both Spain and Portugal it is fairly easy and straightforward starting a business. However there are a few bumps on the road, so you should speak the language or hire a local company to help you set it up. For larger companies you might want to compare what the different countries are specifically able to cater to your type of business the best. 

Remote work in Spain
Free to be wherever you want


Work in One Place and Have Your Company Elsewhere

The digital world allows us to move more freely within and across the borders. The modern communication makes the procedures of for example buying property, registering a business or applying for a job easier. This in turn enhances our possibilities to customise our lives to being more like we want it. We should embrace this opportunity and see how we can improve our day-to-day lives. Looking outside of what used to be the norm might open you up to new chances. Everyone deserves living their lives the way they please, and so do you. So, why not for example buy a home in Spain and work towards your home nation? 

Villas below €300,000 in Costa Blanca with own pool

Villas below €300,000 in Costa Del Sol with own pool 

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