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MiMove on 2020-06-05

The Golden Mile in Marbella, is Spain’s most glamorous residential areas. Lying to the west of the beautiful Andalusian resort, this strip of exclusive apartments, homes, shops and restaurants stretches west from Puerto Banus to the eastern edge of Marbella city centre. The Golden Mile has attracted the rich and famous since the 1950s. That is when Spanish Royal and business tycoon Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe opened the Marbella Club Hotel.

One of many luxurious villas in Golden mile
Golden Mile Luxurious living


Golden Mile Marbella

Marbella, in general, continues to be a popular choice for people thinking of emigrating to Spain. With beautiful weather, gorgeous Mediterranean architecture and excellent cuisine. It’s no wonder that Marbella’s popularity endures. If you’re thinking of joining the exclusive club of Golden Mile property owners, then it helps to get to know the area in a little more detail.

The eastern end of the Golden Mile between El Ancón and the city centre is the historic end of the strip. The most prestigious and well-established 5-star hotels are situated here, including the legendary Marbella Club. These hotels have exquisite landscaping and excellent facilities, including private beach clubs and tennis courts. It’s also along this portion of the Golden Mile that you’ll find some of Marbella’s best cuisine. Michelin-star chef Dani García has two restaurants here, both housed in the Puente Romano hotel.

The property in this part of the Golden Mile mostly consists of luxury apartment complexes built in the pueblo style. The sloping land means that most of the properties enjoy ocean views or stunning vistas of the Sierra Blanca mountain range. The eastern end of the Golden Mile is also where most new development is going on, with ultra-luxe modern villas popping up a little further into the hills.

Lovely villa Golden Mile
Golden mile features many villas


The western end is the party section of Golden Mile, with many of Marbella’s most glamorous and exclusive beach bars. Two particularly famous establishments are Victor’s Beach and Olivia Valere’s nightclub. Both of which have been Marbella institutions for several years now. However, this section isn’t only party central; there are also two universities, including the American College of Marbella.

In terms of property, this area is home to several new luxury developments. Many of these are in the Rio Verde neighbourhood, which is a highly desirable zone of chic condos and villas. Another option is El Oasis, which incorporates a luxury shopping centre amongst the apartment complexes.

Not only luxurious living – other things to do

Sometimes it is easy to forget but Marbella and the Golden Mile has so much more to offer than luxurious villas and glamorous lifestyle.

From the wonderful beaches that even at the height of tourist season offer plenty of space, to hiking in the mountains. Or why not rent a boat for the day and look at the Sea Life which, among other things, include dolphin’s.

nature parks
dolphin’s swimming next to the boat


Or why not make good use of some of Europe’s best golf courses:

Golf Marbella
Wonderful golf Course in Marbella


With a more modest budget

Although the glamour and more exclusive living dominate most of Golden Mile, there are bargains to be made. Below you have a few links to property searches with homes at a more affordable rate. It should also be noted that there is always construction going on and on long-term buying new development in the area is usually a very good investment.

Apartments below €300,000 in Golden mile 

Townhouses below €500,000 in Golden mile

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