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MiMove on 2020-05-29

Why do MiMove focus on safety, security and why do we verify properties and what does “verified” mean? MiMove is a marketplace to help estate agents and companies sell their listed property. Consequently we exist within a business highly reliant on trust. If you, our visitors, cannot trust in the content we have, why would you be interested in and buy any of the advertised properties?

Trust, safety and credibility
What does verified mean?

What do we do?

When we sign an estate agency to our portal we check images so they tell reality, we investigate property details and confirm with authorities that everything is correct. We also make sure there are no duplicates on our page. All our competitors allow duplicates – which can give you a headache since estate agent A can already have sold the property, while both estate agent B and C have their ads running. MiMove also check and verify the estate agency and the individual estate agents. If they do not measure up to our requirements they are not allowed to advertise on our portal. If we find out that any of our affiliated partners have acted unprofessional, we would terminate any affiliation.

To put it simply we have instituted a series of tests and checks to “verify” properties for you. We want you to have a safe and secure experience from buying your dream home in the sun.

safe, secure and lovely homes
Verify your dream home before purchase

Degrees of verification

At rare times you might see a property that has a minor error or has yet to get our verification stamp. Do not worry! We have simply not got around to verify everything with that specific property yet. We do however always check the important facts first, before posting, so even if a property does not have our stamp of approval yet, it is still “verified”. As soon as our dedicated personnel has checked all needed it will get that stamp.

Once you have bought your dream home

Once you have bought a villa in Alicante close to the beach, or an apartment in Fuengirola or a townhouse in the Algarve then we would like to get in contact with you. We want to know about your experiences, what worked, what did not work. So please either contact us directly, or talk to your estate agent so we can set something up.

security for buying a house
Verified property is safe property