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Здесь мы пишем на разные темы, связанные с Испанией или Португалией. Иногда приглашаем гостевых блоггеров, а иногда пишем сами.

House in Spain

3 Christmas Foods in Spain | Christmas Edition


Christmas in Spain is all about eating delicious food, gathering with friends and family, and having a good time together.  But what do Spaniards eat during Christmas?  Let’s discover three traditional foods to eat during this magical time of the …

House in Spain

Winter Sun: 4 Sunny Cities in Spain


Winter in Spain can be pretty magical, with its crisp air and incredible landscapes. From sunny days in the south to snowcapped mountains in the north, Spain has something for everyone.  From the Christmas markets of Málaga to the colourful …

House in Spain

7 Spanish Traditions | Christmas Edition


Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. All around the world, people celebrate the holiday and enjoy this festive period, and Spain is no different in that regard. However, Christmas and the New Year in Spain are …

House in Spain

3 Charming Cities in Spain | Christmas Edition 


Can you feel it as well? It is all around us. Christmas is quickly approaching! And here in Spain, Christmas decorations are ready to welcome locals and tourists one more year.  Discover the traditional and magical Christmas markets and savour …

House in Spain

Skiing in Spain


How about skiing in the morning and a dip in the sea in the afternoon? Does that sound like the perfect day to you? Well, if you go skiing in Spain that can be your day! The Sierra Nevada mountain …

House in Spain

Schools in Spain – Moving with family to the sun?


Are you planning to move with your family to Spain but feel that you need a better idea of the different schools you can find there? The youngest in the family need a smooth transition to a school where they …

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