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Sparkles of joy and charm

Have you ever been in a town that just sparkles of joy and charm? This is the case of Altea, an authentic pearl of the Marina Baja located by the Mediterranean Sea. If you go looking for a property for sale in Altea and make it your home, you will have bought a little piece of authentic Spain and you will never be bored. There is nothing like getting lost in the alleyways of Altea old town to appreciate the authentic Valencian flavour. Here you can enjoy both a romantic candlelit dinner for two and a fun night gambling in one of the local casinos. And, if you want to get a getaway place permanently or for shorter brakes, Altea is your city. Altea also offers the necessary peace and quiet for many Spanish authors, painters and poets who have chosen Altea as the place where they can cultivate their creativity. If you do go looking for a property for sale in Altea, why not look for a place that can double up as place of creativity.

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The mixture of fire and sea

For many years and due to the great influx of tourists, Altea stood out for its festivals and traditions. Undoubtedly, the most remarkable is the pyrotechnic show that takes place every second Saturday in August and is known as "the Castell de l'Olla". Each year, more than 50,000 people take to the beaches of Altea to enjoy the fireworks that are launched over the sea. For the summer visitor this is an experience that simply cannot be missed. And if you went looking for a property for sale in Altea and made it your home you will have good rental opportunities with all the well visited festivals unless you would like to go yourself.

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Two very different ports

The ports of Altea are two wonderful places to enjoy in their own right. You can start out by watching the traditional fishermen in their small port go about their traditional fishermen’s work to later enjoy the great marina that is in the vicinity of the promenade. This is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor sports or, for the more relaxed, a cool drink while you enjoy the Mediterranean sun.

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