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About Spain

Many people dream of living in Spain. But this is nothing new. Since the 1950s, many have enjoyed vacationing, living and discovering Spain. And since then, every year, thousands of people have travelled to Spain for sunbathing, swimming and escaping the dark and cold winter.


Even some choose to spend all winters in Malaga, Marbella or the Canary Islands, where the temperature is rarely below 10 degrees. Others work remotely and stay a few months. And others prefer staying a while longer and make Spain their permanent home.


Spain offers good healthcare, and several community organizations are on-site, which can help you feel safe and closer to home. In addition, Spain is only a 2 hours flight away from home, so it is not particularly far away. Lastly, Spaniards are generally very friendly, likeable and welcome ex-pats with open arms.


But how do you choose where to live in Spain?


Should you live in Malaga, Marbella or Gran Canaria?


Spain is a large country that varies a lot from north to south. It can be a real challenge to choose the right place for those thinking of spending a few months or even living in Spain indefinitely.


Therefore, we have gathered information about all the popular areas in Spain to find what suits you best.


There are a few places that are very famous among ex-pats. For example, Costa del sol is equally attractive for people from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Finland because it has excellent weather year-round. In addition, there are many already established colonies of different nationalities, which makes the area very international. 


Costa Blanca is a long-sought-after destination mainly among the nordic communities. Incredibly iconic is the famous city of Torrevieja, which has been a major Swedish destination for well over more than 30 years. Its long sandy beaches, long sunny summers and closeness to nature has made the city a significant destination for those looking for a second home abroad. 


Lastly, we cannot forget the Canary Islands. Here, you will experience the closest feeling you will get of tropical weather in Europe, with almost non-existing winters and never-ending summers. 


In short, it all comes down to what you are looking for and what type of life you are after in Spain. 


It might look complicated, but don´t worry; we are here to help you make things easier for you. 


No matter where you choose to live in Spain, there are a few things we can guarantee you will find; Great food, fantastic wine and splendid weather!


Discover the different areas of Spain!

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