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It's never too late to surf!

You are entering a surfing area and the adventure could last a lifetime. Oeiras, with a marked international atmosphere, is a town adjacent to the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. This place has a lot to offer, from paradisiacal beaches to concerts and international sports tournaments. The polite and friendly personality of the inhabitants of this small community make for a very pleasant stay. The natives spend much of their time on Oeiras´s beaches of dunes and bushes, but you will also find tourist places where you can enjoy delicious pork dishes, or as they call it, Leitão. This dish, original from the north of Portugal, is easy to find throughout the country: a baby pork, garlic, parsley, lard, pepper and salt. First it is boiled and then cooked in the oven. What a delight! If you decide to buy a home in Oeiras, this dish could be your way of showing that you have become an authentic Portuguese.

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For Rock lovers, Oeiras offers the NOS Alive festival. This is the most important festival in Portugal and a place marked by the presence of first class musical groups such as Pearl Jam, MGMT, Artic Monkeys or Alice in Chains. 3 days, 123 shows and an average of 165,000 visitors enjoy this event each year. But if your passion is related to Padel racquet sport, your date on the calendar is the Oeiras Valley Portugal Padel Masters. Oeiras becomes the focal point of the world´s Padel enthusiast during a week in which the best players of the planet compete in this tournament. If you have a property in Oeiras, all these events are a great opportunities to get an income from tourist rentals. The 10 minute train ride to Lisbon airport makes visiting Oeiras very easy. For example, if you decide to buy a property in Oeiras, you have the option to make comfortable visits and make a steady return on your investment thanks to tourist rentals. As you surely know, Portugal is really popular and is visited annually by millions of people. Why not buy a house in Oeiras and get it to pay for itself?

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