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La Gomera

A life of magic immersed in nature

Canarians call La Gomera la isla mágica (the magical island). This is a place full of ancient legends and mythology, of ghosts, condemned lovers and witches. If you ask the gomerans on a stormy night, they may tell you some of these old stories, which are always tied to the unique geography of this island.

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If you like getting lost in the woods, then you should find your property for sale in La Gomera. The larger part of the island is almost covered by the Garajonay National Park, an immense mass of laurel forest, where you are surrounded by trees that bear thousands of years of history in their branches. This is the place for hiking in the Canary Islands. With over 600 km of hiking routes in La Gomera, you will not run out of places to cover your daily ration of exercise while sampling the extraordinary beauty of the island, as well as some unique fauna and flora to the island. Some of these routes will take you to Miradores (lookout spots) where you can enjoy some legendary views, such as Mirador de Agando, Mirador el Bailadero or Mirador de los Roques, with its view of the Agando rock, a trademark point of La Gomera. Garajonay National Park is a very special place in the world and the Unesco has recognized it by declaring it first a Global Biosphere Reserve. Furthermore, just in recent years Unesco recognized the whole island of Gomera as a World Heritage Site. A good base to explore Garajonay could be Valle Gran Rey on the West. This may be the most touristic part of the island, but it still offers an spectacular view, an excellent black sand beach that has not been crowded by visitors and some good restaurants where you can taste Gomeran traditional dishes such as almogrote or potaje de berros. And while frequenting the bars and restaurants of Valle Gran Rey, maybe you will make some local friends that could teach you some words in the local language, silbo gomero. You should take into account that to speak silbo you will need to stick a finger into your mouth, since this is a whistling language. Since ancient times the Gomerans have communicated through whistling in order to understand each other across the distance in a very rough geography! Even if you are miserable at whistling, you should still consider looking for a property for sale in La Gomera. Here, you will live in one of the less crowded Canary Islands with uncontested natural beauty, declared World Heritage by Unesco. You will have permanent access to a unique hikers’ paradise such as Garajonay National Park and be able to enjoy excellent beaches of volcanic origin with your loved ones and very few other fellow visitors. Why not look for a property for sale in La Gomera? Your key to a dream life is waiting for you...

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