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Vera and surroundings

Heaven for naturists (and everyone else)

Vera is the most important city north of Almeria on Costa del Almeria. The city is located a kilometre or so from the sea and along the shore, a touristy part has developed Vera Playa. Vera is a city with charming whitewashed houses, quaint squares and blooming Bougain-villea. But it is not just a pretty town, it is alive all year round. The inhabitants live permanently in the city centre while visiting tourist choose the area along the playa. If you decide to go looking for a property for sale in Vera, you will soon be integrated into the daily Spanish life.

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One part of the playa is earmarked for naturists. That area is one of the largest naturist areas in Europe. There are several complexes and hotels marketing themselves as naturist friendly. In 2013 a Guiness record (the world’s largest skinny dip) was broken by the naturists in Vera. 700 people went skinny dipping together. The previous record holder was New Zealand with 500 bathers. The mayor declared the event to be a great success and a lot is invested in the naturist area. It is however, just a smallish part of the long beach. Between Vera town and Vera playa, there is a popular water park and a new built small shopping centre. In Vera town, the old bull fighting ring is still there. Nowadays, the arena is used as a concert venue rather than for fighting. If you follow the shore of Vera Playa and continue along the beaches you will get to quaint Villaricos. Villaricos has the most charming little marina where you can have fresh sardines and watch the sun set.

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If you go the other direction, towards Mojacar, you will get to Garrucha. Garrucha has a harbour where all the fishing boats come in in the morning. In Garrucha you can thus have the freshest and best fish and shell fish in the area. Along the water front there are some really nice bars where you can enjoy a beer while people watching. At the same time, Garrucha is a town where people live and work all year around. There are many areas to discover in Vera and surrounding areas. When looking for a property to buy you will have to let your heart guide you. Would you like to live close to the sea, ware clothes or live bang in the middle of a predominately Spanish town? The choice is yours!

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