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New York of the Mediterranean

If New York feels too far away to you, perhaps the city with the largest number of skyscrapers in the Iberian Peninsula can ease your longing? Although, to get a better image of the Spanish city you need to picture the hip visitor of Museum of Modern Art in New York being replaced by British pensioner in flip-flops and a colourful T-shirt singing the night away in one of the many bars and clubs of Benidorm. While a walk around Benidorm may leave you with the feeling of having travelled back in time and that you are holidaying in the 70s, it is also true that it is a city that has lots to offer. And it could actually be quite a fun past time to go looking or a property for sale in Benidorm and explore the city that way. Benidorm is located almost perfectly, offers magnificent beaches and many international residents have found a warm community here with whom to share their life in Spain. It is easy to get a holiday package to Benidorm at very affordable prices from many European cities. Therefore, this is an ideal area to come for a few days, soak up some sun and do some partying. And while you are at it you can decide if Benidorm is the city on the Costa Blanca that best fits your interests. "Try before you buy", is a good piece of advice before you go looking for a property for sale in Benidorm.

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Fun for any lifestyle

Benidorm is one of the cities on the Costa Blanca where leisure manifests itself in all of its colours. Perhaps it is more than anything recognized by the techno nightlife entertainment in the many clubs and bars. But there are also family options with more charm and tradition. To find a more tranquil pace, try the old town. There you will find a more authentic flavour steeped in local culture and history. And the climate of Benidorm is simply fantastic all year round, so you can often enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports, including water sports or golf at one of its three courses.

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And, of course, the beaches

It is no secret as to why Benidorm attracts so many visitors: its magnificent beaches. The beaches of Benidorm are awarded EU’s blue flag for being clean and of the highest quality. Lying on its fine sand we can enjoy the stunning sunset over the Mediterranean coast. Between the beach of Poniente, the Levante beach and the various coves, we can enjoy more than six kilometres of beach with crystal clear waters, the best facilities and a fun-loving atmosphere along the promenade. To go looking for a property for sale in Benidorm and make it your home away from home is to get your very own little piece of the iconic city everyone will have an opinion about. Either you love it…

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