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The oasis of peace known as Istán can be found 15 kilometres inland from Marbella, a beautifully decorated village, located beneath the Sierra Blanca at the top of the valley of the Rio Verde, quite close to the Serranía de Ronda hunting reserve. If you were to go looking for a property for sale in Istán you would find a place of outstanding charm and beauty. Many of the towns on Costa del Sol attracts many tourists and are quite developed but not Istán. In Istán life passes by as it always has.

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You have to drive on narrow, winding mountain roads to get to Istán. There are plenty of wonderful hiking trails, for the beginner and the more experienced trekker. And there is also Lago (lake) Istán where you can go kayaking or take a swim. When you sit on the beach and look out over the beautiful lake with the mountains as a backdrop you will find it hard to believe you are so close to Marbella. In Istán, the rhythm is slow, and the environment is truly genuine, with typical Andalusian whitewashed houses standing side by side. The village, with its very narrow streets, is not suitable for cars and should be experienced on foot. All you will hear, night and day, is the echo of the sound of water running constantly from all the drinking fountains. You can walk around enjoying the chilled-out atmosphere, and even refresh yourself with water pouring directly from the Embalsa de la Concepción – the reservoir that provides the whole coast with drinking water. Later at night, when all this chilling out has physically exhausted you and awakens pangs of hunger, you may consider enjoying one of the fine-dining options, maybe one of Istán’s five à la carte restaurants. Despite being a small village, the provision of high-end cuisine at reasonable prices is truly amazing. So, do look for a property for sale in Istán, you won’t regret it. You have discovered a true gem. There is always something to do, the surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful, and should you wish for some real night life, Puerto Banus is not far away.

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