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Tavira (26,000 inhabitants) is a laid back, traditional fishing town where life just flows with a slower rhythm than elsewhere. Although the arrival of international sun-seekers has transformed many towns in Algarve, such as Albufeira, into touristic hot spots, Tavira has somehow managed to stay out of this trend and keep its original and traditional fishing town soul. The visitor who comes attracted to Tavira is usually a more mature, family-oriented visitor who just wants to relax by the beach and enjoy life in a traditional Portuguese town and who feels perfectly happy with the more relaxed, easy going vital rhythm that is prevalent here. You should probably not look for a property for sale in Tavira if you or your teenage children have high expectations for a frantic nightlife. Tavira town itself is a beautiful and traditional fishing town split into two halves by river Gilao. Both halves of the rivers are beautifully tied by the Roman Bridge from the 17th century (yes, the dates do not match with Roman times, but that is the way it is called). You will find on the western part of town a fish market, many restaurants and a large central Plaza da Republica with many terrasses where you can relax for many wonderful afternoons of beer sipping and people watching.

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But for sure the most important reason to buy a house in Tavira would be its beaches. The beach area in Tavira, as in most towns of Eastern Algarve, are included in the Parque Natural de la Ría Formosa. Since this is part of a natural park, it means that the degree of urban development in these beaches is limited. Also, this area is filled with marshes, lagoons and water channels and provides a perfect environment for bird watching. In the case of Tavira, the beaches are located in the part of the park called Ilha de Tavira, a 11 km stretch of fine sands, where it will always be possible to find your personal spot even in the most crowded days. The beach in Ilha de Tavira can only be accessed by boat, which costs just 2 Euro per fare. This may seem like a big inconvenience at first, but bear in mind that it is precisely because of its not so easy access that Tavira has somehow managed to avoid the larger touristic crowds that can be seen in Albufeira. This is a perfect place for undisturbed family relaxation. If you decide to look for a property for sale in Tavira, you will be living in a traditional and quiet Portuguese town that still has its own easy pace of living. You will be longing each day for the boat ride that will bring you to those long and perfect beaches where you will surely find your private corner for relaxation.

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