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Lagos and Praia da Luz


The history of Lagos has initially been linked to navigation, and later on to commerce in the 14th and 15th centuries. Both activities have left their mark on the city, such as the old Arab walls that surround the entire old town, the great fortress Ponta da Bandeira that has recently been restored, as well as its numerous churches. A special mention goes to the gorgeous church of San Antonio in baroque style in the historic center of Lagos. Nowadays, the city of Lagos has become a touristic reference of the western Algarve due to its attractive beaches, its nightlife, and its excellent tourist facilities. However, despite the increasing touristic interest, Lagos has managed to keep its charm and personality and has not yet succumbed to tourist crowds such as in Albufeira or Praia da Rocha in Portimaõ. This makes it an ideal city for those foreigners who would like to buy property in Lagos as a second residence or as an investment. The city and its surroundings are mainly supported from tourism. In addition to enjoying its “cobbled” streets and its wonderful restaurants, it is also a good option to visit the marina where there is a large number of shops. However, if your thing is not shopping, you always have the option to visit the Meia Praia: the largest beach in the entire Portuguese Algarve.

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Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz is located just a few minutes from Lagos, and is also known as Luz. It is the ideal place for the family due to its friendly locals and the relaxing atmosphere of its streets. Also, the excellent climate of the area has made Luz the favorite destination for thousands of people from the United Kingdom. Today, they represent more than two thirds of the population, of which the majority enjoy their usual home in Luz. To buy a house in Praia da Luz is, without a doubt, a winning proposition. Whether you are thinking about retiring and finall enjoying its beaches with the family, or as a possible investment. Luz has a high variety of restaurants with a family and friendly environment along the fantastic beach that, together with the good connection with Lagos, makes this town a fantastic place to live. South of Lagos and very close to Luz, La Ponta da Piedade is a group of ocher-colored rock formations with over twenty meters of altitude, where the wind and the sea have been shaping them after the passage of time. Here you can enjoy one of the most important natural tourist attractions in Portugal. Do you have a boat? If you are somebody who can afford one, do not hesitate to access La Ponta da Piedade by sea. You will be the envy of all visitors!

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