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Port de la Selva and North Alt Empordà

Wonderful for hiking

Puerto de la Selva is an old fishing village, which nowadays has become a tourist center, although fishing still remains as the main activity. It is located in the Alto Ampurdán region, near the French border. This is a small town with approximately 1,000 inhabitants. Many high earners spend their summers in Puerto de la Selva, including a French community, as well as other international visitors who come to Puerto de la Selva to enjoy nature and tranquility. If you want to buy a home in Puerto de la Selva in Alto Ampurdán, you may find it interesting to visit Selva de Mar and Puerto de la Selva before making a decision. Many fishermen have their homes three kilometers inland in Selva de Mar, while working at the sea during the day. The beaches in this town are beautiful and the nature that surrounds it is completely natural and with convenient accessibility, should you fancy a hiking afternoon. The area is partially protected by mountains, which make the climate calmer than in other areas along the coast. If you decide to buy a home in Puerto de la Selva or in any other town in the Alto Ampurdán, you will find a peaceful atmosphere. Here you can live along to the rhythm of the seasons and the changes in nature. And, of course, there are also some good restaurants and bars, but the nightlife is quieter compared to many other places in Spain.

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