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Castelldefels and Baix Llobregat

A beautiful castle town just south of Barcelona

Fifteen minutes south of Barcelona you will find Castelldefels located between the mountain range Garraf and the Mediterranean Sea. Towering over the town is the castle Fels. Inside the castle there is a church built on top of remains of buildings from the Romans and Iberians. The castle was acquired in 1897 by Manuel Girona who restored it. 100 years later it was sold on to the town. Castelldefels town is now responsible for the upkeep and restorations of Fels. The town has approx. 60 000 inhabitants and the proximity to Barcelona gives the town an international feel yet at the same time it is a calm oasis compared to the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. There are many opportunities for water sports and there is a channel created for the Olympic games in 1992. Castelldefels big attraction is of course the proximity to Barcelona. However, the town is attractive in its own right also. There are lovely, uncrowded beaches, and Sitges is close by. Sitges is a bit more upmarket and glamourous than Castelldefels. Should you go looking for a property for sale in Castelldefels you get all the good things the area has to offer for a smaller price tag than if you bought in Sitges or in Barcelona itself.

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