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In the morning, you are lying on a white sand beach and in the afternoon you are in the middle of a Roman theater enjoying a classic play. We can describe Sagunto with many adjectives, but none of them will do the city full justice. We can divide Sagunto into 2 sections: the city of Sagunto with its historic center and the port of Sagunto with its sunny beaches. The city of Sagunto offers numerous activities. Why not start admiring the city from the top of Sagunto Castle? This ancient fortress has protected the city from enemy attacks since the times of the Iberians, Romans or Arabs. It was the Romans who constructed a theater, which is still the flagship of the city. This theater was built at the beginning of our Gregorian calendar, so it would be approximately 2000 years old. From the Roman theater, we can see the narrow and sumptuous alleys of the old town of Sagunto. Do not forget to visit the Jewish Quarter, a fundamental part of this old town. Having a large port and beaches of fine sand are good reasons to buy a property in Sagunto, but for sure we want a little more. We look, for example, at its fine sand dunes decorated with many reeds and other types of vegetation. The entire coast of Sagunto has several services, including access for the disabled and the possibility to do water sports. If you decide to buy an apartment in Sagunto, you should know that public transportation in this area is unbeatable. Sagunto is a great railway enclave since many trains make transfers in the city. It takes just over an hour to the Valencia Airport and 3 hours to the lovely Barcelona. Regarding its gastronomy, the typical dishes of Sagunto have a bit of everything: sea, orchard and mountain. In addition to the Valencian dish par excellence, the paella, you can taste great recipes such as rabbit with tomato, the “ajo y pimiento” (delicious dish based on chopped eels and cooked in a clay pot) or the “putxero de Nadal” (cooked with meat, butifarra, vegetables, chickpeas and saffron). On desserts, we will mention the local pastís blanc. If you are a lover of Mediterranean cuisine, do not hesitate to buy a house in Sagunto, since you will live in a place where you will always have delicious products on hand. And remember to always make a space for dessert...

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