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Chocolate Museum? Where? Sueca offers its visitors a perfect place to get to know handmade chocolate. This savory treat arrived to Spain during the 16th century, when sugar was added to cocoa (which had just arrived from the Americas) and it became a popular, first among the upper classes and then among the common people. Today, Comes Chocolate (Sueca’s branded chocolate) can be found in the town’s many restaurants and shops. The 6 beaches of Sueca all have something in common: mainly national tourism. Summer is the high season and there is always a large number of visitors, but if you are looking for relaxation, then winter is your time. The average temperature in the winter time is close to 20 degrees centigrade and, thanks to the bright sun, you may even feel that winter never even dropped by. Visitors who decide to buy a house in Sueca value very much their golden sand beaches with prepared access for handicapped people very much. The City Hall dedicates a large part of the town’s budget on satisfying tourists eager to enjoy a good holiday. Sueca does not have a developed industry and its traditional way of making a living is agriculture. Its precious rice is the basis of local cuisine. Many of the rice fields are located near the Albufera Natural Park, a bulwark of ecology on the Valencian coast. This Natural Park is an essential visit for the little ones, since it offers an incredible diversity of local fauna and flora species.

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