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Lanzarote is truly a one of its kind place on Earth. In this island, you can drive for long stretches of solidified lava and rocky formations which will show a strong contrast between the red tainted soil and the black and grey solidified lava. If a walk around the Teide in Tenerife brought you the sensation that you are strolling in the Moon, then a tour along the western part of Lanzarote will make you at times think that you have been transported to Mars. Such is the nature of Timanfaya National Park, which is undoubtedly Lanzarote’s main attraction and extends over a significant chunk of the island. In Timanfaya, you will certainly enjoy watching the incredible beauty that nature can take when shaped by volcanic forces. However, here you can also partake in once in a lifetime experiences, such as taking a ride along volcanic sand on top of a camel or eating in El Diablo Restaurante a beef dish that was cooked before your eyes using volcanic heat. In order to preserve the natural assets of the park, Timanfaya National Park can only be visited by taking part in a guided tour. However, this has not stopped a continuous income of visitors arriving in the park every day. Given its uncanny natural assets, Lanzarote has gradually transformed from being a purely agricultural island in the early 70’s to becoming the third touristic hotspot (after Tenerife and Grand Canaria) of the islands that it is today. Nowadays, you can find a full Ikea center outside the capital of Arrecife, and a walk down the resorts of the main towns of Costa Teguise, Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca, will reveal plenty of Irish Pubs, Asian restaurants or Fish & Chips spots where a plethora of British, Italian and German visitors are happily spending their euros. Luckily, the touristic development in the island has been limited to the major coastal towns, or been exquisitely integrated with the island’s natural environment, so that Lanzarote’s essential beauty has been left intact in most parts. Much of this has to be thanked to Canarian artist César Manrique, whose name you will often find on the island, who fought against unrestrained overdevelopment and was responsible for the elegant and visually striking design of some of Lanzarote’s most renowned natural spaces. All of them are unmissable visits, but we would like to mention Jameos del Agua, which includes an incredible auditorium in the middle of a volcanic cave, or Mirador del Río, the best place to view La Graciosa island in the north.

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If you decide to buy a property in Lanzarote, you will become part of a large international community who has decided to settle in the island (15% of the island’s 140,000 residents are international, with the Brits taking the lead) and have a privileged access to the beauties of an environment that is unique on Earth. You will also be well communicated with an international airport in the island that caters to major European and Spanish cities, as well as all the other islands in the Canarias. If you have children, you can also ensure that they receive bilingual education in one of its two British schools. Should you settle for a property for sale in Lanzarote, you will also enjoy the fabulous beaches of the major resort towns, but also others of more remote access such as Playa Papagayo. After all, you can get by car from the southernmost point of the island to the other extreme in just under one hour. All the marvels of a truly magical place are at your fingertips.

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