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Almerimar and El Ejido

A paradise amongst the green houses

Almerimar is a smaller town for primarily golf tourists. Everything is within easy reach; beach, golf course and marina. Down by the marina you can find restaurants, cafés and bars. It is simply a golfer’s paradise. Often you will find golf courses further inland but if you don’t want to compromise with the closeness to the sea, Almerimar is for you. There you can find affordable properties for sale to make your own little paradise.

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Not far from Almerimar, the coastal town El Ejido is located. Its focus is on beach life. The location is about 400 kilometres south of Madrid, 84 metres above sea level and has about 84,000 inhabitants. Besides lovely beaches there are a fantastic nature reserve close by, called Punta Entinas-Sabinar. The area is the natural habitat to many different birds, many of them sea birds. There are two marked hiking trails that will take you through the reserve, so you don’t miss any of the viewpoints.

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The area has a steppe climate, meaning hot summers and mild winters and the vegetation is primarily grass and bushes. It is hot and dry and normally the summers are without rain completely. Should you go looking for a property for sale in El Ejido it is important that you have tried the climate first, it is not for everyone, as it can get very hot. Especially if you are looking for a property for sale away from the sea. If you are interested in history, we recommend a visit to Ciavieja which is an archaeological dig located on a hill close to the old motorway on the way to Almerimar. Traces from the bronze age has been found here and it is believed that the Romans founded the town of Murgi. Murgi might have been the first version of El Ejido.

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