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The joyful town

If you do not want to have to choose between living by the sea or in the mountains, in Villajoyosa you don’t have to. You have just a few kilometres to the Mediterranean Sea, yet with the beautiful mountains of the Sierra de Aitana or the Sierra Helada close by. You will also enjoy the wonders of the Amadorio reservoir, a quiet place to enjoy a good family outing or to enjoy water sports.

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A sweet, sweet city

Villajoyosa has something important to offer all of you with a sweet tooth: chocolate. Yes, you have read it correctly: in Villajoyosa there are several companies dedicated to the preparation of this sweet tasting delicacy. But it does not stop there: there is also a Chocolate Museum and guided tours with chocolate tastings. It is without a doubt a place to return to.

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Life, in full colour

Your first stop in the city will probably be the picturesque houses painted in different colours. The tradition of different colours came about during a time when the fishermen who lived in them needed to be able to tell them apart when they returned home from work. From there you can stroll to the old town and take in the charming atmosphere. Finally, you can finish the day by attending a rugby match or some gymnastics classes that are so characteristic of this area.

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