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La Manga del Mar Menor

Life between two seas

When you are in La Manga del Mar Menor and you look to one side you will see the Mediterranean Sea and when you look the other way you will see the saltwater lagoon of the Mar Menor. It is one of the few places where you can radically change the environment by moving just a few meters. If you go looking for a property for sale in La Manga it is like you get two distinct different cities in one.

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Like being on a film set

The location and the stunning scenery makes it easy to believe that you are starring in a film. And you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that: Perhaps not for the biggest block busters but, in the 70s, La Manga was the favourite setting of many Spanish musical comedies aimed for the national market (even Julio Iglesias starred in one of them). Maybe you get inspired to start your own film career if you go looking for a property for sale in La Manga, or at least get the urge to watch the old films?

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La Manga is also a getaway to the Escañizadas del Mar Menor. This is where you can see the circular labyrinths for fish, that constitute the traditional fishing system of the Mar Menor. Another excursion that you do not want to miss is a visit to the saline mills of Salinas, a very special area where you can take many interesting photos. To top this off, why not take a boat trip to the various islands of La Manga del Mar Menor and take a bath in the "therapeutic mud" of San Pedro de Pinatar. There are many tasty local rice dishes and lovely restaurants that you should not miss before leaving. And if you decide to go looking for a property for sale in La Manga to make it your home you will be spoiled for choice when picking your favourite restaurant.

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