Sevilla City

A city with a unique charm

As a popular sevillana (typical flamenco song from Sevilla) which you most likely will hear during the Feria de Abril, says, Seville has a special color. This can be easily be confirmed with a walk through Seville: this is a very special place to live, and this is not only due to the impressive beauty of its monuments that recall the Arab past of the city, or the charm of its whitewashed streets wrapped in the scent of orange blossoms. Seville is a city that remains in the memory because of its gypsy soul and the grace, generosity and good humor of its people. For many people in Spain, the debate about choosing the most beautiful city in the country is always a discussion about Seville or Granada, both cities clearly the result of the encounter of the Christian and Muslim worlds.

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The international visitor who is looking to buy a house in Seville can enjoy a permanently fashionable city, which has become an unmissable tourist destination for anyone who spends a few days in Spain. Seville is a formidable mixture of Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures that, since it was conquered by the Arab leader Muza in 713 until its reconquest in the thirteenth century by the Christian king Fernando III, has produced some of the most important and impressive monuments of Muslim Spain. You can explore and get lost in the he neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter of the city, walking by its stairs and traditional houses with their flower pots of geraniums. The neighborhood houses a monumental complex full of beauty and history. This district is a declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, which includes the Cathedral, the unmissable Giralda, the National Archive of the Indies and the Reales Alcázares. Only in Seville you will see a monument as unique as the Plaza de España, a spectacular architectural ensemble that represents the different regions of Spain and which has served as a support to recreate palaces in various Hollywood productions, such as Lawrence of Arabia and even Episode II of the Star Wars films. Only in Seville you can stroll in a place like the Barrio de Triana, which preserves its gypsy soul on every single street and tavern.

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If you decide to buy a house in Seville, you will be fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful towns of the planet, where you will enjoy wonderful views and sunsets that will make you fall in love with the city. Seville has excellent eating places, especially great tapas joints scattered around the city, as well as a nightlife that has something to offer for everyone. If that would not be enough, you can also participate in the best festivals in Spain, such as Holy Week or the Feria de Abril, a festival of sherry, horses and flamenco, which has become the best Andalusian feria in Spain. However, everything good has a price. In the case of Seville, when the summer arrives, the city is hit by a hot dry heat that brings the temperature up over forty degrees Celsius. And you have to remember that Seville is, unfortunately, a city over a hundred kilometers away from the beach. The more affluent Sevillians flee from the summer heat to the towns of the Costa de la Luz or Costa del Sol, while they let the monumental wonders of the city to be enjoyed by tourists.

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One of the obvious advantages to buy a house in Seville is the growing tourist interest in the city and the proliferation of online short term rental platforms, which have made the demand for tourist rentals grow like foam. This effect has increased even more in recent years, when the Reales Alcázares were used as a filming location by the famous television series Game of Thrones to recreate the palace of the fictional city of Dorne. Since then, a horde of Game of Thrones fans comes to visit the shooting stage every year, which according to estimates, has made tourism in the city grow up by an impressive 20%. The rise of touristic short term rentals has led to a constant rise in long-term rentals. Traditional neighborhoods such as Triana have suffered a considerable rise in rents due to his, so it is well possible that legal restrictions on this type of rentals will increase in the future. Nevertheless, the international investor will find in short or long term rentals a good way to monetize his investment if he decides to buy a house in Seville. We must also bear in mind that around the urban core of Seville, there are other municipalities included in its metropolitan area, such as Santiponce or Alcalá de Guadaíra, which offer a real estate offer at more affordable prices and with access to great natural or historical sites (Santiponce, for example, is the gateway to the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Itálica). Only in Seville you can walk through its Alcázares as if you were a Moorish knight of medieval Spain, or, if you prefer, as if you were in the fictional city of Dorne. Only here you can enjoy the biggest flamenco party in Spain or one of the most traditional religious festivals during Easter. Only in this place you can eat a ration Andalusian pescaíto frito (fried fish), while gazing upon the shape of the Torre del Oro reflected in the Guadalquivir river during a wonderful sunset. Sevilla is definitely a unique city, one that has a “special color”. Come and check it out for yourself!

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