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Torreblanca and surroundings

Sea and nature

Just between the more touristic urban centers of Oropesa del Mar and Peñíscola, lies a stretch of land which includes great beaches in just an incipient stage of touristic development, two national parks and two coastal towns, Torreblanca and Alcocéber, which are not so crowded with sun loving visitors as their neighboring towns. This area would be the adequate one for those that want to enjoy all what the best Mediterranean beaches have to offer while avoiding the greater crowds of visitors. The presence on this area of Parque Natural El Prat and of Parque Natural Sierra de Irta creates alternatives to lazy days on the beach with multiple hiking possibilities.

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If we drive north along the Costa de Azahar towards Peñíscola and Barcelona, Torreblanca will be the first town that we find. The international property buyer considering a property for sale in Torreblanca will find a town with little more over 5,000 inhabitants mostly dedicated to agriculture with the production of oranges and lemons which is dominant in the area. Tourism is only a secondary activity and is focused on the not so developed beach of Torrenostra. Therefore, this is a great place to live if you want to inhabit a beach town that is still focused on its normal day to day and has not yet been overrun by visiting tourists. Nature lovers will also find a treasure cove at the South, in Parque Natural El Prat. For a stretch of over 7.5 kms, you will find here a long area of marshes and lagoons, which are a natural environment for numerous flora and fauna species, some of them unique to the park. A few kilometers north, you will find the town of Alcocéber, with only 2,000 inhabitants all year long, but with a much larger population during the summer. Alcocéber has over 10 kilometers of coast, which include five excellent blue flag beaches. Compared to Torreblanca, Alcocéber is a much more developed town regarding tourism, with some large urbanizations built for the purpose of second residences. Some international expats have already decided to buy a home in Alcocéber, especially those of British origin, who are developing a thriving community in this town. To the north of Alcocéber, you will find the Parque Natual Sierra de Irta, a large park which offers the possibility to follow mountain hiking tracks along 12 kilometers of coast. Both towns of Torreblanca and Alcocéber have their own unique traits and can be a good alternative for those seeking to avoid the larger crowds and would like to enjoy the occasional hiking afternoon amongst the best Mediterranean natural environments.

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