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Calafell is a smaller town located on a height approximately 1,5 kilometres from the coast. The town is a charming mix between history and old fishing traditions. Calafell is situated only about 40 kilometres from Reus international airport and 60 kilometres from Barcleona airport so should you be looking for a property for sale in Calafell you can be certain it is easy get to and from it when you’d like to go there. And while you are staying in your property there are always a lot to do. Besides the obvious like sun and sea, there are also plenty of historical sites to visit, fantastic restaurants, idyllic squares and nice bars to go to. Among the historical monuments it is worth mentioning the medieval castle and the Santa Creu-church from Roman times. All tourist facilities are centred around the old harbour called La Platia or Calafell marina. There you will find the restaurants, bars and hotels. On the outskirts of Calafell there is a small historical town of Les Toixoneres from between 500 and 200 before Christ and is known as the Calafell’s Iberic Citadel.The village has been rebuilt to show what life could be like 2500 years ago. During the second week in September for the last twenty years the High Rockabilly festival taken part in Calafell. The town is completely transformed to a Rockabilly 50’s city and 50’s music is played everywhere. It is a five-day non-stop party for all fans of the fifty’s lifestyle. Bear this in mind when you look for a property for sale in Calafell. If you, yourself is not a fan of the Rockabilly lifestyle a lot of people are and would be interested in renting a place during the festival, giving you some extra income.

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