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Barbate and Zahara de los Atunes

The kingdom of the red fish

If you drive from Gibraltar for just over an hour to the west of the province of Cádiz, you will find Barbate, a traditional fishing village that, despite the increase of touristic visits in recent decades, has managed to keep its seafaring soul and its Andalusian charm intact. The international buyer who decides to buy a house in Barbate will find here a quiet and peaceful rural town whose summer population increases manifold with the newcomers from inland Spain. Here, you can avoid the large crowds of tourists on the Costa del Sol and instead you will come across large stretches of cliffs and virgin beaches populated by Spanish families who share a parasol, a watermelon and some television gossip to talk about. Barbate is an ideal place to improve your Spanish and immerse yourself in a community that includes both locals and summer visitors from Seville or Madrid. The real estate opportunities to buy a house in Barbate are not copious, so you may have to be on the lookout for the perfect apartment, but the price range is still affordable, especially when compared to the Costa del Sol prices. And you cannot leave Barbate without tasting its famous tuna. The quality of Barbate's tuna is so recognized that the majority of its specimens end up in auction in the fish markets of Tokyo and Osaka. If you want to try it on its breeding area, you should sample it in El Campero, probably the best restaurant in Barbate.

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Its high end gastronomic and night life

After crossing the Barbate River, if you continue strolling along the Retín Beach, after a magnificent walk you will reach the beach of Zahara de los Atunes, a small town of about a thousand habitants, which, like Barbate, has become in the last decades an important summer center for national tourism. Zahara, however, has positioned itself as a high level vacation place. As soon as you get to the town, it is easy to find a larger number of BMW or Mercedes cars and you will notice that beach bars are now restaurants that seem to hold higher aspirations (although, of course here the star dish it is still tuna). Indeed, if you are looking for a property for sale in Zahara de los Atunes, you may find luxury developments, such as the ones in the urbanization in Atlanterra, where your family and you can live the family life you always wanted. And if you are in a party mode, the town offers many night bars and night spots where you can take refuge until the end of the night. For the expatriate who wants to buy a house, Barbate and Zahara de los Atunes offer a wide range of real estate properties for all prices. Here you will find paradisiacal beaches without the overexploitation that other beaches have suffered and a variety of possibilities to taste the best tuna in the world.

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