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The charming old fishing villages lay side by side like peals on a neckless on Costa Brava. Calella de Palagrugell is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, with whitewashed houses and colourful fishing boats anchored in the bay outside. If you decide to go looking for a property for sale in Calella de Palafrugell, it is a little like you’re buying a property in a postcard. Everything looks like a perfect, charming Spanish fishing village. The Camino de Ronda trail follows the entire coastal line and connects the many smaller beaches. The beaches are very different in character, some are rocky and inaccessible, others have shallow waters and are perfect for a family day out. One of the most beautiful beaches on all of Costa Brava can be found here, Cala del Golfet. It is framed by reddish cliffs and has an all-natural beach with crystal clear water. You can get there by taking the Camino de Ronda hiking trail. However, neither that part of the trail, nor the beach has any facilities or services meaning you need to plan ahead and bring the snacks and drinks you need. Not far from the beach you will find the very beautiful botanical garden Cap Roig. It is well worth visiting. If you have smaller children in tow, you might want to go to the beach Port de Malaspina. That beach has shallow, calm waters and all the facilities you need. However, the beach is quite small, so it is a good idea to get there early during the busy summer months. On the beach, Port Bo, in front of the village, Las Vueltas is located. Las Vueltas is a construction with white arches where the fishermen could work on their catch of the day and fish nets, protected from the wind and the sun. Today, Las Vueltas houses restaurants and bars. The festival Havaneres starts on the first Saturday in July every year. The festival is predominantly a music festival and marks the starting of the summer season. The festival has taken place every year for fifty years and it has grown steadily. Nowadays, it is one of the big tourist attractions on the Costa Brava. Habanera is the music of choice during the festival, a Catalan genre inspired by Cuba and the Caribbean. If you do decide to go looking for a property for sale in Calella de Palafrugell, you will not regret it. Who knows, perhaps you will love it so much that one day you will make your new place your main residence?

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