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Under the volcano

On clear days, the majestic shape of Teide, Tenerife’s central volcano can be observed from many corners of the island, and if we stretch our eyes a little, even from the other islands of the Canarian archipelago. Just as Teide is the center of Tenerife, the island of Tenerife itself can be considered as the heart of the Canarias, although some Gran Canarians will surely challenge this assessment. If we put local rivalries aside, there is no doubt that the island of Tenerife holds an incredible allure for the international visitor, proven by its 8 million of yearly visits coming from abroad. And this is no wonder, since this is an incredibly diverse paradise island that holds something for everyone: a lush and green North with traditional Canarian villages, a capital town in Santa Cruz with the most spectacular carnival in Europe (or should we say Africa?), a sunny South with excelent beaches and the best resorts in which to let time pass by, and, of course, in the center of it all, the looming figure of Teide as commander of a very unique National Park. If you are looking for a property for sale in Tenerife, you must first do your homework in experiencing the different areas of the island: there are many Tenerifes, and each one of them holds its own surprises.

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Much more than the carnival (but what a carnival!)

A good place to start your search for a property for sale in Tenerife could be right in the capital of Santa Cruz. This is a placid coastal town, with its very own semi-urban beach at Las Teresitas, which can be a perfect location for those who wish to enjoy a sun and beach lifestyle without foregoing the conveniences of a bigger city. In Santa Cruz, after taking a walk around the imposing monuments of Plaza de España, you might rest in one of the many restaurants or tapas places to refresh yourself with the traditional papas con mojo of the islands, before continuing walking down the docks to Tenerife’s fabulous Auditorium, by Architect Santiago Calatrava, which has nothing to envy to Sidney’s Opera House. Around here, you will feel that you are in a very special city, that makes itself a special target or cruise lines’ tours. If you decide to buy a property in Santa Cruz, you will also own that feeling every day of your new life, living close by the sea in a vibrant, modern city with plenty of gastronomic, entertainment and cultural treasures. And in February things get even better, when the city changes its face and becomes a huge, mass party for all tinerfeños, when one of the most celebrated Carnivals in the world takes place. If the extra hard partying for several days that the Carnival season entails is something that you do not really fancy, we are sure that, should you buy your next home in Santa Cruz, you will fancy its renting opportunities during this time!

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Tenerife north and its authentic traditional canarian towns

Although it is not a large island, the northern and southern sides of Tenerife are clearly differentiated (and they even have two different airports!). This is an island full of microclimates and, for sure, the north has its particular one. Although the temperature is very mild all year long (around 20º), humidity is higher here, as is the probability of rains. This makes for a very lush and green environment, in contrast with the aridity of the South, where some villages of beautiful Canarian architecture have flourished. The most important one is Puerto de la Cruz (30,000 inhabitants), originally a seafaring town, and now the north’s main centre of touristic promotion. Although you will find many international visitors residing here, this town of wonderful beaches of volcanic black sand, still keeps its Canarian soul. If you decide to look for a house for sale in Puerto de la Cruz, you will have made the right choice if you want to live in a place with good touristic services and restaurants, but where you can still mingle with the native and enjoy a genuine local culture. In Tenerife North, you will also find other traditional Canarian towns with great displays of native architecture, where you may also look for a property for sale, such as San Cristobal de la Laguna, La Orotava or Icod de los Vinos (where the main landsmark is a 1,000 year old traditionally Canarian drago tree). These towns are also great options if you choose to experience the real Canarian lifestyle in your new life in Spain.

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An invitation to Moon walk

Although it will not be possible for you to buy a property in Teide National Park itself, the possibility to visit this attraction will surely add value to your property, should you decide to buy a home in Tenerife. This National Park is a Unesco world heritage site since 2007 and is undoubtedly Tenerife´s must see site. The star of it all is the Teide volcano, which is Spain’s tallest mountain and the world’s third largest volcano. The sights on the way to the volcano are simply incredible and unique, as you can enjoy plenty of bizarre rocky and lava formations that often give you the sensation that you are taking a walk over the Moon’s surface. The top of the volcano can be accessed by cable car, and from here, on a clear day, you may enjoy a full view of Tenerife, but also catch a sight of Gran Canaria, La Palma, El Hierro and La Gomera. However, much more recommended would be reaching the top by foot. The full path is over 10 km and may require up to 6 hours to walk. However, to walk the last section that becomes the alternative to the cable car ride you must previously obtain an authorization. The experience of hiking in Teide National Park will surely become one of your most cherished memories of your life in Tenerife.

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Just relax and let time fly

Once you start driving south from Santa Cruz using the TF-1 (which is basically the island’s only road) you will quickly start noticing some changes. The land seems to become a little more arid now, you start finding a greater number of cliffs, and if you left a cloudy sky in the north, it is probably clear by now. The south is the place to come if you want to enjoy a vacation of fine sand beaches, good seafood restaurants, chiringuitos with a good variety of mojitos and you just want to relax and get tanned while you forget about the problems that you left in your country of origin. Not surprisingly, this is where all the large resorts and hotels lie, where most of the new developments are being built and where thriving expat communities of Italians, Germans and Brits are being formed. You may want to find your property for sale in El Médano, which is a smaller, more secluded area, or you may prefer to buy your new home in Los Cristianos or Playa de las Américas, where you can find the larger beaches, and most of the resorts and hotels. In any case, this is a perfect area where you can build your sacred place for relaxation.

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