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Torrevieja and surroundings

A lively international community

Torrevieja, as its name suggests, is the tower of the Mediterranean. One hour's drive from Alicante, this bastion in the south of the Valencian community, along with all the other towns of the so-called Orihuela Costa, has managed to become a permanent attraction for tourists and residents of all kinds of nationalities, from the British to the Nordics, French, Belgians, Dutch, Russians or Moroccans. The total population of the city of Torrevieja, of which 55 percent is a melting pot of nationalities, has an average of 100,000 inhabitants throughout the year, although, of course, its population quadruples in summer. The properties in Costa Blanca are often affordable compared to other popular coastal areas. This is partly due to the many new developments. But if you find a property for sale in Torrevieja and decide to make it your home or home away from home you will not regret it. You can make new friends from all over the world or only hang out with the people who speak your language. There is city life, sea, beach, nature and a fabulously lively night scene. You will never run out of things to do in Torrevieja.

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For any Spaniard over the age of forty, the name of Torrevieja will evoke a well-known Spanish television contest in which, during the eighties and nineties, a fabulous flat in this town was given away as the star prize each week. Some even say that the increasingly scarce Spaniards living in this city are all old winners of the contest, who from time to time meet up to exchange anecdotes of their participation on the show. And, why deny it, for the visitor from another country, a walk around Torrevieja is also a trip back to a summer in the eighties. But just as it would be unfair to market Torrevieja for its achievements in the architectural avant-garde, we still must recognize that this is the perfect city where everyone can start a new life in Spain. If you go looking for a property for sale in Torrevieja you will find a great supply of properties catering for all tastes and pockets. You just have to decide what kind of property you would like, and everything else just falls into place: a vibrant community of friends from almost anywhere in Europe; sports and leisure activities for all tastes; a Mediterranean gastronomy with the best products of the sea and the Valencian nature; blue flag beaches; and, of course, one of the mildest and most generous climates in Europe. Every day it is truly possible to live life to the fullest in Torrevieja.

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