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Régions à le Portugal

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About Portugal

There is a reason why Portugal has always been a dreamy destination for pensioners, and it has now become a central hub for all kinds of digital nomads.


Portugal has much to offer, from excellent cuisine and an affordable cost of living to endless beaches by the Atlantic and an extensive cultural offer plus ideal weather; it is easy to understand why so many are thinking about buying a property in Portugal. 


No matter what you are into, Portugal has it all. If you are after the sun and love laying on the beach getting that essential D vitamin, then get to the famous southern region of Algarve, where the selection of spectacular beach destinations is almost unlimited. 


On the other hand, if you are more into the cultural scene, Lisbon and Porto will satisfice all your needs with plenty of museums, coffee shops and cute little stores. 


The critical part here is that it all comes down to what you are after and what type of life you want to have in Portugal. 


We know it might be hard to find the region that fits your needs best, but don´t worry. MiMove has done the heavy lift for you and created a list of area guides for you to find your perfect home in Portugal.


Discover the regions of Portugal!  

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