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Burriana and Nules

A great combination of beaches, soccer and festivals

Burriana (or Borriana in Valencian) is another one of those not so well known towns where the locals and other Spaniards coming from the interior have a blast enjoying their sun and fun vacations, but that still remains somehow overlooked by international residents. This, of course, means a good opportunity to integrate within the Valencian and Spanish culture and, for those that have already made up their minds to look for a property for sale in Burriana, good property prices and opportunities. Most of the 30,000 inhabitants of Burriana group around the town center, which is located about 2 km from the seaside. The old town itself can boast of a long history, since it was founded by the Arabs twelve centuries ago, and only became Christian after its conquest by Aragonese king Jaume I in 1233 ac. A monumental souvenir of those times is Burriana’s church, Iglesia del Salvador (from the 13th century), and well worth a visit by those interested in the past. But the international investor thinking to buy a property in Burriana will most likely be attracted to the second cluster of houses lined around Burriana’s Arenal beach and known locally as El Grau de Borriana. This is a group of beach front villas and apartment blocks of up to 6 stories high, whose architecture may slightly remind us of the 70’s, but that has a privileged access to a great beach with clean turquoise waters. This may not be as posh an area as Mallorca, just 200 km to the west, but taking a lazy siesta in Playa del Arenal and then refreshing yourself with a swim in the Mediterranean can also be considered a real luxury. And for sure, the gastronomy in the area is excellent as well, especially taking into account the great product caught every day in the sea, as well as first class vegetables from the local orchards. Burriana’s oranges are especially famous and you will find them everywhere around here. If you decide to buy your new house in Burriana, you will also get two additional perks. The first one is that the town is just a few kilometers away from Villarreal. Soccer fans will surely recognize this name since Villarreal (which is a town of just 50,000 inhabitants) can boast of having one of the best soccer teams of Spain’s La Liga. If you live in Burriana, you will get your chances to see Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, provided you cheer for the yellow submarine, as Villarreal’s team is known locally.

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The second perk is that Burriana is a land festivals and festivities, which may also provide for temporary rental opportunities for the real estate investor. Burriana has its own version of Las Fallas, and on the local holidays of Virgen de la Misericordia you might better steer away from Burriana’s streets since you may find a wild bull on the loose. But the biggest event for sure happens at the end of July, when the Arenal Sound Festival takes place. This is probably the most massive music festival in Spain. Each year, over 250,000 teens arrive to El Arenal beach for four days of modern music concerts of mainly Spanish bands, but also with the attendance of some international groups such as The Cranberries. When your typical beach day in Burriana is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a quarter million young guys and girls thirsty for fun, rock and the occasional mojito, you know there are only two things you can do: either join them full heartedly or escape as you can.

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