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North of Castellón, heading towards Catalonia, you will find an array of coastal towns of Costa del Azahar that have become favourites of Spanish tourism and where crowds of vacationers from Madrid and other areas of Spain’s inland flood in every summer, hungry of sun, relaxed beaches and good old-fashioned fun. Although residential construction in these towns have not reached at all the heights of Costa del Sol, this is also not comparable to the almost undeveloped estate of the beaches south of Castellón. Here, you will find arrays of apartment buildings, some of them constructed with better taste than others, where the real estate investor looking for a property for sale in Costa del Azahar might find some good opportunities.

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Benicasim, with 18,000 inhabitants is the first of these towns, just 15 kilometers north of Castellón. The town’s main appeal are its excellent beaches (Almadraba, ElsTerrers, Heliópolis, Voramar) which are wide and long, have all the necessary facilities and palm trees to remind you that you are on vacation, and that this is the place where you can find peace of mind even in the most crowded summer months. The international property seeker looking for a property for sale in Benicasim will not be completely alone here, since 13% of Benicasim’s residents are foreigners, with Brits and Germans taking a significant share. Inland from Benicasim, you will also find great hiking opportunities, especially around Desert de les Palmes Natural Park. Benicasim is also well know all around Spain for its FIB, the Festival Internacional de Benicasim, which takes place every year in mid-July. This is one of Spain’s largest festivals of indie and electronic music, which brings in every year over 170,000 young music fans from all across Europe. Groups like Red Hot Chile Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, The Cure, Radiohead or Leonard Cohen have at some point shown up in Benicasim’s FIB. The international visitor that decides to buy a property in Benicasim will have a renting opportunity at very good price during the crowded times of FIB. Overall, Benicasim offers an excellent combination of great beaches, hiking trails and one of the best music festivals in Spain. The municipality is also home to aquatic park Aquarama, which can save you many afternoons from the boredom of the little ones. Furthermore, as with most towns in the Costa del Azahar, Benicasim is well connected to Castellón, Valencia and Barcelona by its rail station. Regarding its cuisine, as in all the Valencian region, you do not need to walk too much along Benicasim’s sea promenade to find a great seafood and rice local joint. Not surprisingly, international residents are starting to find their place on this town, but Benicasim’s internationalization is still on a pioneering stage. Come and settle in Benicasim to enjoy it as it is right now!

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